I walk in the room goes silent
They all stare
Blank faces with no names
No descriptions
Lifeless dolls
Personality bleached and non-existent

They are all the same
Exactly the same

The girls are pretty platinum blonde
Tall and curved
Barbie dolls
Pretty perfect
Cold, cruel, heartless

Boys the same
The type you always dreamed of
They look the part
But their the same

Why? Why am I here?
I don't fit in
I told my mom I wouldn't
But does she listen
But now I'm stuck here
For the next 4 years

I shiver
I turn cold inside
Something is wrong
These are no longer people
But they once were

I have to go
Something bad is happing here
I want to turn
Leave, run
But I can't

They look afraid now
But that's not possible
I turn and look for the teacher
There isn't one here
I want to scream
I want to know what's wrong
Why are like this?
What was done?

I turn to leave
A boy grabs me by the arm
I turn and face him
His eyes are not completely empty
I shiver
He looks at me and whispers

Help us.

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