Alive Again (Dreaming)

Damn the betrayingOf that sugary, engaging kiss
That we share, only in our dreams
When I wake,
So hazed, I thought it was real
Foolish, whispers of lusting thoughts
Renovated in our daydreams
Like a weeping silhouette
You leap the streets
And gaze upon the star-studded sky
Diamond eyes
Diamond pride
Live fast
Don't wanna die fast
But damn that betraying kiss
I remembered from our past
The past
The past
Spoiled, my predisposed, rotten soul
I wanna live and love
But it's sure a steep, rough climb
To get to the other side
As I dream, I am deceived
That I can breathe free,
Yet again
Dreams are where the sun shines brightly
On my delicate face
As I wake, there's a slight longing
For I realize my waking is into another realm
Where I have no sun, bronzing my skin
No easy breaths
No precious love

Dreams - where I have no regrets
Dreams – where I live again