Translated from a dead language. Recovered in the year 1942.

Under cover of darkness thrown

With wits both sharp and bright,

For whom the smiles freely flowed,

He went a' wandering through the night.

Soon he met a pair of eyes

With color he'd never seen.

He got down upon his knees

And asked 'er to be his queen.

She agreed and so they went

Filled with undying love.

Such a perfect night they spent

Like fitted hands to glove.

But come the dawn with dreaded sun,

Withered her body like grains of dust.

In pain he locked his heart away,

Atop with shattered trust.

He yelled his sorrow across the world,

Renounced both sun and moon.

In hidden anger they unfurled

Offering one eternal boon.

Such a curse it turned to be,

To sip the blood of all.

Ne'er able to live nor die

No matter how Death called.

While sunlight scrabbled at his eyes

And moon called forth poisoned feast,

The Shadow Lord in pity sighed

Then sought to tame the beast.

Shadow whispered, the advice he gave:

To die you must unleash the flood.

Make ready your death wish grave

And bestow another your blood.

In desperation he agreed,

And took his long-lost niece.

He passed on not knowing where 'twould lead,

And slipped through sweet release.

Terrified when awake, she ran,

Far into the Fen.

It is how our story first began

And shall begin again.