Stay, in Hell

Free love& you'll
Free fall
A ticket to dirty, sultry Hell
During our stay we'll be running
Round n' round much like
A chicken with its head cut off
Going nowher
Misinterpret your heart's wishes
And it won't do you any good
Just like the crescent phase of our Moon
In the night sky
I'll be sorry – that I loved you
Oh it was just another phase, I was going through
Now the flowers are done their crying
They currently fall to their flaccid fate
Just like the ends of broken strings
On an acoustic guitar
Faulty notes are all that remain
In the music that plays in my heart
(On repeat, don't you forget the tune)
Don't play fast and loose during our
Stay in Hell
Without Him
Just the wilted flowers – all desiccated
From their crying
And the broken guitar – minor faulty notes
On repeat – in my somnolent heart
This is my stay in Hell