Slowly wine drips from
A glass bottled tipped a
Little bit too far connecting
Knots in the wood so
Everything touches and
Becomes a beautiful bloody
Rose dipped in alcohol kind
Of like my love for you

Strands of obscure color
Twists around my fingers as
Hair circles my hands some
Unlovely lightening streaks
Burning into my knuckles
As I listen intently to his voice saying:

"I never was perfect
You never were amazing
People just never detect
The hell our souls are raising
So lift up your lips and pray
As nighttime begins to fall
These lies I continue to say
The fantasies you still scrawl
Though it leaves you incomplete
And in the end is wrong
We will tie ourselves to this defeat
Raise our voices in love song"

Slowly touching my bare wrists
Skin so tightly knit and softly
Sewn it's beautiful but still
Hateful with pictures of futures
Never to be drawn with wind
Storms and musical notes edges
Torn with sharpened stars and
Moonlight kisses written on
My soul like some letter of interest
Romantic nothings in my ear

Once upon a time a little girl
Played with poetry and fell into
A gray casket that played piano
Song as the Raven continued
To sing death into her veins but
She loved this loveless way to live
Until a kiss breathed unwanted life
Into her lungs so she could die again

Love stories always perish first