A/N: I honestly can't say where the inspiration for this came from. Just out of nowhere, again. This one is definitely a harder song. Taking a turn from softer, but it's also slightly experimental as I think this one expresses a tad more rage than some of the other ones that I considered harder. Nonetheless, I enjoyed writing it, and hope others can enjoy reading it.

-Stewart MacDonald


Trigger depressed,
The fuse is lit.
I'm fucking nuts!
And proud of it.

Scream, for silence once again!
Strive to remain right where we stand.
Vote out our souls with a show of hands!
The nothing you are, can't accept what I am!
The violent explosion you can't comprehend.
Brought on by the useless emotion that we pretend...
To feel...
Is the hate we ignore still real...?

So tear, away this fake skyline!
Don't fucking tell me that I'm fine!
It's not, a lie!
(I'd never lie!)
Your just too fucking fake to try!

Ignorant of degeneration...
Ballistic from the isolation!
Your made of self-indulgent apathy,
All you reap is misery!!
You love the way, you think your on top of it...
Your pathetically ignorant!

Don't tell me to say sorry!
Expect a sadist's smile!!
I'll show you an apology,
That'll be worth your fucking while!
Don't assume that I'll be angry,
It's then I will explode!
Don't you dare disarm me,
I'm stronger than they know!
Don't believe you can provoke me!
And drive me into tears!
Don't trust in things that you believe,
Because I'll exceed your fears!

You trust love...
I trust in hate!!
Just you wait!

For something to destroy your blind belief,
(You ain't seen nothing yet!)
A vengeance to consume you!
(Living proof!)
Opposite of your relief!
(Just you wait!)
There's nothing you can do but...
(Wait for me!)

I don't want to live the way you choose to!
I despise the things that inspire you!
I ignore the reasons you try and list,
In hopes of keeping me at bay!
Words won't fucking work that way!
Your poisoned phrases only belate!
The way I'll retaliate!
It only prolong the ticking of this stopwatch!
But it's still counting down the seconds till the bomb, goes off.

The end.

A/N: Not much to say on an end topic, besides that this was actually going to be the second part of another song all together, and then I noticed it took a different turn then the one I started to write, and seperated the two. Be on lookout for the next one very shortly.