A/N it's short, cheesy, and the end. If you're unhappy with it I'm sorry but it was time for it to end.

"Violet?" I called to the empty stage.

"What?" Her voice echoed back. I looked for its source but couldn't find it.

"Where the hell are you?" I said with irritation.

"Up here!" She replied. I moved towards the stage and looked up. I still couldn't see her.

"Where!?" I said with exasperation.

"Right here." She said quietly from behind me wrapping her arms around me. I jumped.

"You just scared me half to death!" I exclaimed.

"Well I guess I'd better not do it again or you'll be dead." Violet mused.

"Ha fucking ha…" I grumbled. She kissed my cheek.

"I'm sorry I scared you." She said at last.

"Well just remember that tonight." I said.

"I'm in trouble aren't I?" She asked with a sigh.

"Oh yes." I replied evilly.

"The good kind of trouble or the bad kind of trouble?" She said cautiously.

"You'll just have to wait and see." I said mysteriously. She sighed.

"So what do you think?" She asked.

"I think it's fucking huge." I said looking around at the beautiful old theatre.

"I think it's beautiful." Violet said walking up on the stage. I followed her.

"It's expensive…" I said scratching my head. Violet scoffed.

"Right like you can't afford it!" She poked me in the side, "You're plays and musicals have left you with more money than you know what to do with!"

"Oh that's not true." I said mentally gulping.

"What's not true?" Violet asked with confusion.

"I do know what to do with the money." I said. She noticed the serious tone in my voice and immediately gave me a 'Tell me what's going on now' look.

"You did something." She stated rather than asked.

"Yes." I admitted nervously.

"Are you getting a sex change?" She asked angrily.

"What? NO!" I exclaimed hurriedly.

"Good," She hugged me from behind again and let her hands rest on my breasts, "I like these too much." I blushed.

"Violet God damn it I'm trying to talk to you and you know I can't think when you do that!" I said. She sighed and removed her hands.

"Thank you." I said. I took a deep breath.

"We've been dating now for five years." I began as I fidgeted with my jacket zipper, "And I've gotten more success than I ever dreamed possible. But the thing that I really hated about all the fame and fortune was that I had to spend a lot of time traveling. Don't get me wrong, it was great to see the world and everything but…" I focused on her eyes, "I don't really feel like traveling much any more."

"A.J." she breathed, "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that the reason that I was looking in to buying this theatre was so that I could have a way to bring in money without traveling all over the world. I wanted something that would let me be able to get a house instead of an apartment. Something that would allow me to be completely free from my parents and live on my own. Something that I could settle down with." I took her hands and saw nothing but shock register in her eyes.

"It was the theatre that first brought us together and I hope it can do so again." With another deep breath I knelt down in front of her and fished a small box out of my pocket.

"I know you hate your middle name but…" I opened the box to reveal the beautiful diamond ring inside, "Violet Winifred Hartford, will you marry me?"


I couldn't think. I was barely breathing. I looked down at my girlfriend of five years and saw the hope glistening in her eyes. She was asking me to be with her forever. She wanted to start a family with me. She wanted to wake up every morning and wake up to me, her wife. My mind was racing. I was twenty-four. I was done with school, had a wonderful teaching career and I was completely in love with the girl kneeling before me. Before I realized what was happening my vision got blurry as tears started to well up in my eyes. A.J. had been there when I'd come out to my parents, when I'd lost my grandmother, when my dream job rejected me and I had to go back to school. She'd been there for me through everything and I'd supported her through all of her emotional roller coasters. When she got bad reviews, when the press attacked her for being gay, when her cast walked out on her one time because they thought she was asking the impossible I had been there. We'd been through so much together that I shouldn't have been surprised when she proposed but I was completely at a loss for words.

"Violet?" She asked with worry.

"A.J." I began as my voice wavered, "yes…yes I'll marry you." A.J. let out a sigh of relief and gently slid the ring on my finger. I looked at it and marveled at its beauty.

"How much did this cost you?" I asked suspiciously.

"Fifty cents." She said smiling, "I got it out of the vending machine in the lobby. I could have gotten the twenty five cent one but my girl is worth the extra quarter." I laughed, pulled her to her feet and hugged her tightly.

"A.J. I love you." I said.

"I love you too Violet. I've loved you since…"

"The first time we made love?" I asked. A.J. blinked.

"You heard that?" She said blushing.

"Yes." I replied.

"And it took you five years to tell me?!" A.J. exclaimed.

"Sorry, you were just so cute the first time you 'told' me."

"I was a nervous wreck!" She thundered, "I was shaking and sweating and stuttering because I thought you were going to break up with me."

"I was trying to throw you a surprise birthday party!" I defended.

"All I knew was that you were going off places and not telling me where and lying about who you were with." She said. I kissed her.

"I really, really love you." I said smiling.

"Even when I'm crazy?" she asked.

"Especially when you're crazy." I said matter of factly.

"Good." She sighed.

"Now," I said thoughtfully, "We have to tell my parents and then get you a ring."

"I don't need a girly ring okay?" she said worriedly when she saw the gleam in my eye.

"Now hush." I said, "You picked out my ring, I get to pick out yours." A.J. groaned.

"I think it should be pink with diamonds all around the outside of it and…" I began.

"For the love of all things holy, NO!" She cried.

"Or," I continued, "a simple silver band might suit you."

"Yes much better." She sighed.

"So?" Violet said.

"So, I think I'm going to buy it." I said looking again around the theatre.

"What are you going to call it?" I asked.

"How about the Winnifred theatre?" she asked. I hit her playfully.

"Never." I said.

"Bob?" She suggested.

"You want to name the theatre Bob?" I asked skeptically.

"Why not?" She said shrugging.

"Because it's weird." I remarked.

"I seem to recall you saying that you weren't with me because I was normal." She said thoughtfully.

"We are not naming the theatre Bob." I said firmly.

"How about Bobo?" She said. I glared.

"Bubba?" She continued, "Waldo?"

"Why don't you pick something that won't make me want to kill you?" I suggested.

"How about The Theatre?" She asked.

"Are you serious?" I said.

"Yes I am." She replied, "as I said before, that's what brought us together."

"Well it's your building." I said with a sigh.

"It's our building Violet." A.J. corrected, "We're in this together now." I looked down at my left hand and smiled.

"You're going to have to deal with me for the rest of our life." She warned, "My creative fits, my idiosyncracies, my habit of playing the drums at three a.m. the fact that I refuse to cross picket lines or go through automatic car washes…" She trailed off before looking at me seriously, "I can't promise it'll be easy, but I promise I'll do my best to make this work."

"A.J." I said laughing, "That's music to my ears."