Yay! New story! I got this idea while on vacation, of course. I choose these places because I have been to all of them and I like writing about places I've actually seen. I hope you all enjoy it!

Summary: Summer after her junior year, Amber Davis' single mom accepts to join her long time friend, another single mom, to go on a vacation along with her and her son. Stopping in Flordia, Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands, this trip is bound to be full.

Have you ever looked up at the stars and attempted to count them? Or tried to connect them and see pictures? What about have one named after you? Kind of like Landon did for Jamie in A Walk to Remember (The movie, of course, not the book). I always wanted that to happen to me: having a guy adoring you so much to do that. Unfortunately that would mean meeting a guy romantically, which does not mix with me.

Just look at me. It's currently 3 A.M. on June 21st and I am sitting in the passenger seat of my mom's car while she drives to her friend's house. Apparently this trip has been planned carefully for the past five months. But did I know about it? No way José! My mom just informed me about a week or so ago that we'd be engaging in a vacation with her friend. Don't get me wrong, I was happy to be going and her friend, who I call Aunt Maria, is (obviously) like an Aunt to me. Her son? We're friends, I guess. We go to the same school, but we never really talk. He's always busy with his group and I'm just too shy to walk up to them.

My mom and Maria have been friends for the past 30 years. They met their spouses around the same time, double dated, and got married within the same four months of each other. When Marie got pregnant, my mom just absolutely had to get pregnant, like it was a trend or something. But no complaints, I like my life. I Amber Chelsya Davis was born exactly a month after Scott Michael Sanders. When Scott and I were about nine, Aunt Maria got divorced and her husband/Scott's father moved to Texas. This meant she was over all the time crying in the kitchen or living room with my mom at her side trying to convince her that he wasn't worth it. Meanwhile, Scott and I were off playing pirates or trying to escape the deep dark caves in my bedroom that we created out of bed sheets and pillows. About four years later, it was my parent's turn. They fought a lot through their marriage, and I always knew it wouldn't last, so I was very happy they split. Very unusual, I know, but it's true. They fought constantly and I was always in the middle.

"Honey, what are you saying?"

I jumped slamming my head against the window of the car, "What?"

"You were mumbling incoherently," She flicked her eyes in my direction before placing her attention back on the dark road.

"It's 3 A.M," I reminded her, "I'm tired."

"Oh honey, it's going to be so much fun!" She gasped, "Just think: Paradise! I'll get to sit on the beach and have a drink with Aunt Maria and you can get to see Scott again."

"I practically see him everyday."

She sighed, "Yeah but, he's off with his bunch. You guys barely talk anymore, it's sad." She paused, "High school's a bitch."

I laughed, surprised at this information my mom was giving me, "Yeah it truly is."

"Now, it's senior year." She took a hand off the steering wheel, "A year full of college acceptances and rejections." She placed her hand back and looked at me, "My only baby's leaving me!"

She did this frequently. Honestly, it made me feel guilty. I wanted to study abroad, leaving her by herself and I felt bad. But hey, I can't live with her forever. I looked up at the stars again. It was a beautiful night in Philadelphia, and I was able to see it. I was nearly asleep as my mom pulled into their drive way.

The Sanders' residence was a nice cozy one. It was a split level with a yard aligned by a white fence and hedges. After my mom parked the car, and began to get out I realized some bags already on the small porch…and that she wanted me to get out of the car. Ugh. I drug myself out of the car and followed her lead. As soon as we approached the porch the door swung open, "Beth!!"

It was wayyy too earlier for Aunt Maria to be this bouncy. She hugged my mom and then came over to me. I love her a lot, but she acts like she hasn't seen us in years, "Oh look! Amber you look as beautiful as ever!"

I tried to say 'Thank you', but it just couldn't come out right. They both laughed at whatever words flew out of my mouth. My mom put her arm around me, "Oh, she's still asleep."

Aunt Maria smiled, "So is my Scott," She glanced back into the house looking through the screen door, "In fact, I think he's actually asleep on the couch." She turned to me, "Amber, could you wake him up for me while me and your mom start to get these bags in the car."

I nodded and drug my feet up to the porch and into the house. Scott was indeed asleep on the couch in the living room. Snoring, might I add.

"Hey you, wake up." I poked him. Nothing. So I smacked him: still nothing, "Hmph." I grabbed a pillow and smacked his head really hard with it.

He immediately jumped up, "What the fuck!?"

"You wouldn't wake up," I said flatly.

"Yeah? Well, I was only resting my eyes."

"You were snoring," I threw the pillow back down, "I really hope you don't have to sleep anywhere near me on this trip."

"I do not snore!" He said walking through the house to the front door, "Mom! Do I snore?"

"Oh, Scott!" She sighed, "Only sometimes, now be a gentleman and help us with the bags."

I laughed and he rolled his eyes grabbing two of them, "Do you really need this much clothes, mom?"

"Yes, I do." Aunt Maria responded, "You never know what may happen." She turned to my mom who was glancing over the boarding passes, "What's the deal?"

"Hmmm," She began, "Our flight boards at 6:15 and won't leave until 7 for Miami. That gives us just enough time."

"Too much time," I whined, "Do we really need to be there three hours in advance?"

"Well," She began as Scott threw all of the bags in the trunk, "We have to get there, get the car parked and settled, get our bags checked, go through security and you know how dreadful that is these days, find our gate number and sit down."

Aunt Maria nodded, "It's better to be early than late." She grabbed a bit of my hair, "My goodness! You start looking more and more like your mother every day!" Then she dropped it and hopped in on the passenger side, "What are you kiddies waiting for? Let's go!"

I groaned and opened the door. Hey, I do look like my mom. I checked myself out in the rear view mirror as the car began to move. I had brown hair, like her…except she had a bit more grey, I had her nose, face and body shape, but her eyes were blue and mine were green. My dad is tall and my mom is short, so I fall right in the middle at 5'4". Aunt Maria and Scott on the other hand, barely looked a like. Aunt Maria had jet black hair, while Scott had his father's golden brown color. He had brown eyes and she has blue, she was short and he was tall. They were more alike in personality…in a way. Scott did have a temper sometimes. Aunt Maria never gets angry, and when she does it's more of a 'calm angry'. She reminds me of flowers, and I don't know why. She's just so relaxed and calm – when she's not hyper – and Scott does have his relaxed moments. Aunt Maria used to be the star of the track field, and all of the bones in Scott's body are athletic. As for me, my personality was neither my mom nor dad's. I was shy, but once you got to know me I was completely outgoing.

"Mom, you promised me a cheesesteak," I mumbled randomly.

"I'm so sorry, I forgot," My mom answered.

Aunt Maria laughed, "Worried you won't be able to eat one in a long time?"

"Exactly," I nodded.

"Oh, and Scott," Aunt Maria turned around in her seat, "Do something productive this vacation…don't spend your whole time chasing girls, m'kay?"

"Whatever you say, Mom," was the only thing that came from him.

"Oh, Beth," Aunt Maria gasped, "Park the car in this lot! It's so much cheaper, and we can take a shuttle to the airport!"

My mother did as she was suggested. She was right, too, it was and great deal. It was just a pain in the ass to take our luggage out and load it onto the bus.

"So are you guys ready?" My mom asked me and Scott excitedly.

"I guess so," Scott answered throwing himself on the chair in the bus.

"And we promise we won't talk about school or colleges starting now until the end of this vacation, okay?" Aunt Maria added.

Honestly, I loved this airport. It was big, open and nice. Going through security was a bitch, though. I had to take off my belt, shoes, sweater, and necklace. Ugh. By the time we went through security and found our gate, it was 5:45. How did time pass that quickly?

I figured since I was going to be sitting there for about another half hour that I should read up on the lives of celebrities using a People Magazine that I bought at one of the shops. Hmmm…Apparently Brad and Angelina aren't doing too well. Ohhh! Jake Gylenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are an item. A lot of good movies are out, I see. Larry Birkhead is Dannielynn's dad? I was rooting for him, anyway. My thoughts were interrupted by a, "Hey, isn't that Miranda?"

"Huh?" I looked up, not looking at Scott but looking at a girl in a halter top and super mini skirt that was across the way at the bagel shop waiting for hers, "I think."

"You really should get to know more people in the school,"

I shrugged not really interested, "Meh, whatever." And glanced back down at an article about how Britney Spears made another mistake in parenting. I'm really tired of hearing shit about that, you know? I mean these people have paparazzi with 25 inch lenses in their faces every minute and when they fight back it's the celebrities that are the 'bad people'! Now I'm not sticking of for Britney or anything, even though she used to be my idol, I think that marrying 'K-Fed' and having two kids was a big no-no. But I do disagree sometimes: like when ever Lindsey Lohan's song 'Rumors' or whatever I just wanna scream because, Hey, you know that comes with it when you're a star and making a single about it isn't going to stop it. See, I'm glad to know that you are angry and what not but I'm more for the physical fights. You know, cell phones thrown at their heads, punches being thrown…that kind of stuff. Ugh! I should've never picked up this magazine. Weird though: because I love People. God I need a life. Once again, my ranting thoughts were interrupted by a, "Hey Scott!" and then I heard an: "Amber." I looked up and saw Miranda.

"Hey Miranda," I said as cheerfully as I could. I have been awake waayyy too long.

"Oh my God!" She squealed, but it came out more like an 'OHMAGAWD', "Are you two like going out?" before we could open our mouths she rambled on, "Don't you think it's a little too soon, though. I mean, on a vacation, already?"

"No, our parents are just friends," I answered and her eyes darkened.

"Oh," She dropped her hand, "You're friends with Shawn, right?" I nodded. Shawn was one of my best friends who was also in the popular crowd, which is how he knew Miranda…his current girlfriend. I have nothing against Miranda. He's tried to get me involved more with them but I just never felt like it, "Well, what should I get him? I'm going to California in like three hours and I still have no clue what he wants. I want to bring him back something, but I'm not quite sure. Can you help?"

"Shawn likes anything that involves surfing," I answered immediately. He was the surfer dude who spends his summer at the Jersey Shore. That's actually how we met the summer before freshmen year. Scott and I were skimboarding when he came up and asked if he could join. We all got to talking and found out that he actually lived three blocks from me. Now he still skimboards occasionally, but surfing has definitely replaced it. I know the waves here aren't like those in Hawaii and whatnot, but they are something.

She pondered a moment a repeated, "…Surfing. Okay! But just in case," she reached into her huge bag and came out with a pen and a tiny post-it note, "can I have your number? Just in case I like can't find anything?"

"Uh, sure," I said before giving it to her. She smiled and thanked me before running back to her terminal.

Scott broke out laughing, "…And when we get back she's going to be dragging you on full day shopping trips."

"Hey!" I protested, "I like shopping! See, you don't know me anymore so you can't tease me."

"Well," He propped his arm up on the top of the chair, "I would like to get to know you again. You were pretty damn interesting and I bet you are even more now."

I blushed. Why? Who knows, "So," I said. I made sure my eyes twinkled to help change the mood from overly awkward to semi-humor, "How's this vacation going to be? Being the only with sperm?"

He laughed, "Oh I have no idea. Maybe I'll try to meet some other guy." He started to laugh again, "But then you'll be lonely because our moms will be off with other guys giggling like little school girls."

I threw my head back, "Ugh, I know!"

"Atleast yours isn't completely blunt about sex," I looked at him confuse so he explained, "We were out at some restaurant the other night and she dropped her fork and said 'Scott, have you had sex?'"

I started laughing, "I can see your face now. You turned bright red, coughed, and fixed your hair by running your hands through it."

"Damn! How'd you know?"

I shrugged, "You always used to do it."

"Well, yeah, I did and I figured I'd be honest and say, 'Only once' and we just continued eating."

"Yeah, my mom's not that blunt." I smiled, "but we were out shopping like two weeks ago with my friend and her mom. My friend wanted to go into Victoria's Secret so we all did and she, my friend, said to me and pointed to one of the mannequins with some lacy, see-through thing on it and said to me: 'You should get something like that.' I laughed and shook my head, why would I need that? Then my mom came up behind me and said, 'I never told my mom when I bought stuff like that.' Gross images, right? Well she continued by saying how if it was okay if I wanted to."

"That's kind of…weird, in a way." He said, "but I'd bet you'd look hot in it."

I raised my eyebrows before I started laughing hysterically.

He chuckled—because laughing is contagious, you know, I read that in a magazine somewhere—and looked at me, "What?"

"Hit on me again and I'll have you castrated."

"Oh c'mon! You walk by in the halls and all of my friends stop talking and look at you, some even say that they think you are incredibly attractive. When they fond out that I grew up with you they got pretty jealous."

I was going to say 'Oh, right, please!' and then I thought it was a horrible joke because I was paranoid like that. But then I realize, hey, this is vacation and I'm going into my senior year. Senior year! I haven't dated, kissed or even held hands with someone. Have I even had eye contact with someone? This is summer, my time to shine! Okay, maybe I was a little over the top. But this vacation, whether in Miami or the Caribbean I will find someone. Maybe guys do look at me but I'm just too blind to see it. So, instead of 'Oh, right, please!' I came out with, "If you told any embarrassing stories about me in front of your hot friends I will have you castrated in the next hour." Better, right? I would never admit to anyone that their friends were hot.

"No, but now that I think about it I should've."

"Flight 324 for Miami, Florida is now boarding," came from the speakers above us. I looked at the time. Holy Shit! We were boarding on time!

I started looking around for my mom, "Where'd they go?" As Scott opened his mouth our mothers came into sight with little white boxes in their hands.

"Breakfast!" Aunt Maria called cheerfully as my mom reached into her bag for our boarding passes. Aunt Maria handed us a box each, "Amber, you're going to take my seat next to Scott, your mother and I need to catch up."

"But you guys just talked on the phone all last night, and saw each other last weekend." I exclaimed.

"Amber, don't give a hard time. We won't be too far, just a couple of seats behind you." My mom told me. Um, no, mom, I didn't say that because I was afraid of being alone. I was afraid of being alone with Scott for three hours. Oh right, my plan. Maybe I'll be best friends with Scott again so whoever he meets will be completely hot and fall for me. Yeah! I do live in a fantasy world, don't I?

We finally boarded the plane, but had to sit in the run way for a half hour. Scott and I fought over window and middle seat. He won window…damn him. But he did promise on the way back that I could have it.

I had no fears of flying and neither did Scott. So while everyone else was panicking we were too engrossed in a conversation about last October's extravaganza. Apparently the school's homecoming queen was high the night she received her crown, then she hooked up with all of her friends' boyfriends for revenge because she blamed them for telling the principle…even though everyone could see it. Now, she made new friends, came clean and is completely focused on her studies. Which I think is good for her.

I was happy to hear that the movie they were showing was King Kong. It had to be one of my favorite movies ever, along with Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Day After Tomorrow. Ha! I just noticed the pattern: Action mixed with a small love story in a ridiculously long movie.

I fell asleep around the time they revealed King Kong to New York City, which is when I usually get bored with the movie. I like the Skull Island scenes better and I don't cry when Kong falls off of the Empire State building, but I cry when Mr. Hayes and Choy die. So of course, Scott made fun of me. But then I made fun of him when he got too involved in the whole T-rex, or V-rex…whatever they hell they call them in the movie, scene.

I woke up very comfortable. Comfortable? On a plane? Gasp! I know. Everyone around me was standing up. We must be here I thought to myself yawning. I was going to get up but I didn't feel like messing with impatient people. So I closed my eyes again and shifted position…that's when I realized what I was sleeping on. Scott was leaning diagonally in my direction, resting against the arm rest with his arm slung over my shoulder and my head on his chest. My feet were on the aisle seat because no one ever claimed it, so I took advantage of that. I was about to jump up but I was too lazy…and tired. I heard a: "Beth! Get out your camera!" next to me. But my mom, being completely oblivious answered with: "What?" Aunt Maria repeated it again louder. Scott began to move and he opened his eyes. I sat up and looked around.

"Morning, Princess."

I rolled my eyes, "Shut the hell up."

"Are we there?"

"Nope, the decided to land us right off the coast of Georgia."

"Ah, damn." He exclaimed sitting up, "We could've had more time to sleep together."

"Oh, my God," I stood up trying to ignore him.

"You have to admit, I'm pretty sexy." I could tell he was stretching and even with my back turned to him I could see him smirking.

"Scott Michael, stop being so egotistical!" Aunt Maria yelled. She didn't yell too loud, though. I mean, they were only standing about four or five people back behind our seats.

Scott finally got up and groaned, "Sorry mom."

"What? What happened?" I could still hear my mom being completely oblivious.

"They slept together!" Aunt Maria exclaimed, her voice a little bit louder than a whisper.

"They had sex?" My mom asked…out loud. That's when everyone turned around to look at her. Leave it up to my mom to do that.

Aunt Maria laughed and apparently Scott had found this situation humorous, "Don't worry Aunt Beth! We used protection!"

I gasped and turned to him, "You liar! We did not!" I looked back at Aunt Beth and my mom. Aunt Beth was now doubled over in laughter. That came out wrong, didn't it? "No! I mean…we didn't do anything!"

By now, they were right next to our row and Aunt Beth let us through…still laughing. My mom also found this humorous and smiled, "I know what you mean."

"No one else found that completely embarrassing?" I asked on the shuttle from Miami International to the garage where they keep the cars.

Scott still had a smile on his face, "You brought that upon yourself."

"Did not! If you hadn't said anything, we would've been fine!"

"You know, I'm going to ask who ever you marry if I can be their best man and this story is going to be included in my speech at your rehearsal dinner."

"I'll elope."

"Don't you even dare!" My mom ordered, "You are my only child and I want to see a wedding."

"This has been by far the most embarrassing day of my life." I said to no one in particular. I was truly thankful that we were the only ones on the shuttle bus and the bus driver was too engrossed in driving (I sure hope so), talking on his radio/walkie-talkie thing and singing.

"Oh, it wasn't that bad!" Aunt Maria put her hand on my shoulder.

"When I reached for my bag at baggage claim a lady grabbed my wrist and said 'Honey, should you be carrying that if you're pregnant. You look young, consider adoption.'."

That's when they all broke out in laugher and I laughed too. But I sure as hell hoped that the whole vacation wasn't going to be like this.

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