'Were you with her?' Cassia asked Nick her voice was calm. He pursed his lips. 'Tell me!' she said exasperated. He sighed and looked down.

'Yeah, I… I was.'

Her face fell and she looked at him as though he was a piece of dirt on her brand new shoe. She was stuck. What was she supposed to do now?

'How could you do this to me?' she screaming for everyone to hear. Not that anyone did because they were both alone at Nick's house.

'What did I do to you to deserve this?' she whispered, all the anger rushing out of her to be replaced by hurt and betrayal. Her nose was red, and tears were streaming down her face.

'Cass, I swear it isn't like that! It wasn't like th-' he stammered. She cut him off.

'Nick I heard everything. How could I not believe my own ears? I told you to stay away from her! I knew what she was like.' She sniffed. 'Do you want me to tell how many women you knew after me? Do you want me to tell you how many women you slept with, after we got engaged?'

Nick rushed to her waving his hands helplessly.

'Cass, please don't cry. I don't deserve a single one of your tears. I swear I was trying to stop her.' He shook his head in search for words. He tried to hold her hand but she pulled away from him. 'Don't even think about touching me!' she yelled, walking backwards. 'And do you know what the real crisis is? It's that I know every single one of them. Everyone…' Her voice gave away and she broke down.

'How did you find out about today?' he asked. Nick was sitting beside her on the couch.

'Your phone was opened to the house phone. You must have called by accident during your… active movement. I picked up and I heard… everything.' She blinked back the fresh tears that were threatening to spill.

'I swear Cassia, I'm sorry! I don't deserve you. Not at all! I know I do a lot of things that I shouldn't but in the end I always come back to you. I've always loved you. You must understand that!'

'At first that's what I kept telling myself. I always said don't do this to your life. You be the wise one. At least he loves you. He doesn't love any of the other girls. But you know what changed? I though that enough was enough. I got tired of being second choice. I got tired of knowing what you do behind my back. This is it.' She blew her nose and took off the ring on her right finger and thrust it in his hand.

His tears were running freely now. She held his head in her arms and kissed the top of his head, while her eyes were still wet.

'It's for the best. Goodbye, forever.' She took her bag and ran out of the room, ignoring his calls.

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