Author's Note:

My lovely readers who have waited YEARS for this story to finish I must finally admit to myself that as much I still love this story for the way it is I just simply cannot find myself finishing it out as I had once hoped. I hate to be one of those authors who gives up on the story but I wanted to let you know that I have always had an endgame for this story, it was not something I was just writing and hoping I'd FIND an ending but it had one planned out and I was just figuring a way to get there. So I will simply tell you how I planned to finish this story in this next bit. Again, I'm sorry for those who actually wanted me to finish writing it out but I just can't bring myself to do it. I lack the passion I had for it once even if my love for it still burns some glowing embers. How couldn't I? It's one of the few stories I've written (during high school for that matter!) that I was desperate to finish because I knew the story had potential. And without further ado, I give you the rest of the plot to the story. You loyal readers at least deserve to know what happened since I am determined to at least have the ending laid out for you here. (By the way, I am actually skimming through those 8 chapters to brush up on some stuff as I write the rest of the plot out so I can remember everything properly. Some of this WAS just being written as my fingers typed to their hearts desire.)

The Dark Prince Returned finished plot:

Celina and Chester get closer the more he reveals about their past lives and the lives of their friends (his god brothers and her witch sisters). Eventually she learns about the three children she and Chester created with the magic between them in the past life and wants to meet them even though she'd only heard negative stories towards the dragons, ogres and fairies. Then another test is given to her, this one a bit more obvious. She has to point out her reincarnated sisters and only gets one chance to pick out all five. At that point she hasn't officially seen who Chester's brothers are dating so it is something she has to use that latent magic of hers for. She identifies them as she meets them throughout the day along with other ladies to try and throw her off of who's who. When that happens and she passes the test the twelve of them begin planning to get their powers back.

To throw a wrench in the happy reunion the reincarnated death and chaos god comes to the kingdom to oversea the spell to get their powers back since he too should be getting it back. But after being free of his lonesome curse because he had no powers he decides he likes the way things are and plans to kill the witches again. On the day of the ceremony Darth prepares his bow and arrows in the hopes of killing at least one witch because that would be enough to foil their plans. However, that's also the day that Celina's three magical children have finally arrived to meet her and Duwah had overheard the plan for the murder which she immediately reports. The Gods ask him why he bothered coming if he was only going to cause trouble and he responded that the world was better without his god like chaos roaming the earth. Then he begs them to keep his powers sealed as they have been or end his life because he'd finally found piece with himself and with a woman finally.

In the end the witches gather their resources and cast a spell on him to grant his wish as they don't want to be responsible for his death. Then they proceed with the ceremony. At first it appears as nothing has happened but then over the course of several weeks their powers slowly return, especially when Chester's father tries to hurt Celina and it triggers his powers to protect her and curse the king with blindness to be forever living in the dark and his voice becomes mute. Chester becomes the king and the gods and witches secretly live their lives in peace with their powers.

That's basically it.