It was a warm star filled night; a young woman was walking down the street. She has platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, chubby body, white skin, she wore a black silk dress, with a pair of high-heel shoes, five-feet six-inches, age twenty. She just finished her third night of college; she was going to college to become a teacher, 'cause she loved children. It was a thirty minute walk to her home. She usually never walked home by herself, but tonight she decided to. That would be her biggest mistake, she would ever make. She had walked five blocks; she was tired. So she decided to take a shortcut at the next alleyway to her right. It was dark and foggy, there was only a couple lamps to light the way. She walked halfway down, before she heard someone walking towards her, and someone walking up behind her. The person that was walking towards her said.

"Hello, pretty thing." "Who... Who are you?" she asked. He walked closer, she saw him standing in the alleyway's lamps light. She couldn't see his face on the account, that he was wearing all black, shoes, sweat pants, t-shirt, jacket, and a facemask.

"Is someone looking for a good time?" the man asked. "Get away from me. I have mace!" she warned. "Well, that's too bad, because we're gonna have fun weather you like it or not," he said, with a smile.

She started screaming for help, he ran up to her and punched her in the stomach. She fell to her knees, she unzipped her purse; looking for her mace. He ripped her purse from her, and threw it behind him, then he forced her on her back, then he lifted her dress up over her head, and ripped off her panties. He slid his pants down to his thighs, then he got on top of her, and began to rape her. She started slapping him in the face, and screaming for help. That's when he yelled. "I'll kill you, if you don't shut the fuck up!" She stopped scream, and fell silent. Tears ran down her cheeks, as he continued to rape her.

"Carl, hurry up! It my turn," said the other man. He was wearing the same thing as Carl. "I'm not finish, yet, Jake. When I'm done, you can do whatever you want to her," Carl said.

That's when a bright light shined from behind Carl. He thought is was the cops. He got to his feet, and pulled his pants up, but by the time he turned around the light was gone. But... they saw someone was standing there.

He had wings of the purest white, golden halo, white hair, heavenly blue eyes, muscular body, he wore white pants, he stands at six-foot, and a faint aura omitting from him. That person was an angel. The woman pulled up her dress down and got to her feet, then tried to run away, but Carl grabbed her by the hair, and threw her into the alleyway's wall, knocking her out cold. Carl looked back at the angel, then he said.

"Yo, asshole. It's a little early for Halloween." The angel looked right into Carl's eyes, and said with his angelic voice. "What you have done to this woman is unforgivable, you had no right to do what you did to her." "Who the hell do you think you are? To come here dress for Halloween, telling me what's right and what's wrong?" Carl asked. "Sorry waste of a human, I'm an angel. And I'm here to pass, you punishment," the angel said. "You're an angel? Yeah right, and I'm Santa Claus," Carl mocked. "Believe what you want, but I'm here to kill you," the angel assured. He ran up to Carl and grabbed him by the throat, and threw him face first into the wall; braking his nose. Then he turned Carl around so that his back was against the wall, then he started punching him in the stomach.

Carl reached into his coat pocket, and pulled out his nine-MM handgun, then Carl shot the angel in the chest four times. The angel took a few steps back, when Carl notice that he was still standing, he asked. "What the fuck are you?" "I told you, I'm an angel. And my name is Kairesh," he answered.

Carl shook with fear, then he dropped his gun. That's when Kairesh ran up to him, and ripped his heart out, before Carl died Kairesh said. "You're going to Hell, where unspeakable thing will happen to you again and again."

Carl fell to the ground lifeless. Kairesh tilted his head back, and took in a deep breath, then he changed his form to look more like a human.

Kairesh now has short black hair, blue eyes, muscular body, white skin, he wore white tennis shoes, blue jeans, black belt, white t-shirt, and a black leather overcoat, he stands at six-foot, age twenty-seven.

Jake pissed himself, after what he just witnessed. He turned around and ran away. Kairesh didn't bother to say anything to Jake. Knowing that he could find him whenever he chose to find him. He turned to the woman that was laying on the ground. He took off his coat, and put it on her, then he picked her up, and walked towards her house. She was out cold for most of the walk; until a couple blocks from her house, she came to slowly opening her eyes. She noticed she carrying her.

"You're gonna be okay, you're safe now," Kairesh assured. "Who are you, and how did you know where I was?" she asked. "My name is Zeek, and I was walking down the street, when I heard you screaming,"

he lied. She raised her eyebrow, wondering if he was telling the truth, but she dare not questioned if he was lying or not. "Well, I'm Kate," she introduced. "Nice to meet you, Kate," he said, with a smile.

He kept walking, there was a slight breeze, but it was warm so it was bad. He held her tightly in his arms, she rest her head against his chest, and closed her eyes. For some reason, she felt safe in his arms, she didn't know him... for all she knew he could be a killer. But she still felt safe in his arms.

"So, where are you from, and what do you do for a living?" she asked. "I just moved here from Arizona, and I'm a construction worker," he lied again. "What made you move to Michigan?" she asked. "I was born here, but I moved, when I was five," he answered lying. "Well, I don't think Detroit was the best place to move to," she said. "Yeah, I know," he said, with a quiet chuckle.

He couldn't tell her the truth, that he was really a guardian angel... so for know he had to lie to her. She looked around and saw her house.

"That's my house, the green one over there," she said, pointing at the house. He walked her up the walkway to her front door, then he asked. "Can you stand by yourself?" "I think so," she answered. He set her down, when her full weight hit her legs, she fell. But he caught her, then said. "I guess you can't, I'll help you inside." "Thank you, Zeek. For everything," she thanked. "Don't worry about it, and your welcome," he said smiling.

She found his smile heart warming. She went for her keys, but that's when it hit her, that her keys were in her purse. she looked at him and asked.

"Did you grab my purse by any chance?" "No... I didn't," he answered. "Shit," she said. "Do you have a spare key?" he asked. "Yeah, it under the doormat," she answered.

He looked down at the doormat that had welcome on it, then he bent down, and flipped the mat over. He grabbed the key, then flipped the mat back over. Zeek unlocked the door, and helped her inside. It had blue carpet, and white walls in the living room. To the right was the kitchen, and straight-ahead was a hallway, that had four room that branched off it. Her bedroom was at the end of the hall on the right. He helped her to her bedroom. Her bedroom was painted an emerald green, with purple carpet. He went over to her dresser, and got out a clean pair of clothes. "Here put these on," he said, as he handed her the clothes. She took then, he turned around so that she could change. She took off her dress, and on some white panties, and a green nightie, when so was done, she said. "You can look now." He turned around, and helped her into bed, then he covered her up, with her satin green blanket.

"I see you like green," he said. "It's my favorite color," she replied. "Well, I'll see you later, then," he said, stand up. "No. Could you stay here, until I fall asleep?" she asked. "Okay," he said. "Thank you. By the way, what happen to that guy, that... ra... raped me...?" she asked, as tear fell down her cheek. He sat back down, and wiped the tear away, then said. "He ran off... he will never do this again... to you or anyone else. I promise." "Thank you so much, Zeek," she thanked. "Don't mention it," he said smiling.

She grabbed his hand, and gave it a gentle squeeze, as she slowly drifted off to sleep. That's when he got to his feet, and went back to the alley where her purse was, then he changed back into his angel form, and disappeared.