It's two in the morning and I'm all alone

Just sitting here staring at the picture on the mantel

The ashes below long since gone to dust

Embers dead and cold like the tears I find falling from my eyes

As I bow my head a little and pray to god you come back

I know I said too much

My words cutting deeper than any knife

Wounding you, withering you away beneath my touch

I was wrong, you were right

But I know that even a million apologies

Can't bring you back to me

I told you to go, I know

But I'm not one to say what I mean

It hurts as I walk through our house alone

Looking at all of our memories

The picnics at the beach

Those walks beneath the trees

That always seemed to end

With us below the willow naked

I know I said too much

I can't do much but sit and hope

That you can find it in you to forgive

My stupid stubborn soul

I was wrong and you were right

I should have never let you out of my sight

I must have fallen asleep

Because I had a beautiful dream

You had found a way to forgive me

And walked back in that door

The most beautiful woman I've ever seen

The only one I've ever loved

And I wrapped you up in my arms

Crying into your hair

Telling you how sorry I was

Until you looked me in the eyes

and you said

Honey, I know you said too much

So did I, we hurt each other and ourselves

But there's too much love here to just give up

Wipe your eyes, come with me

We both were wrong, there was no right

So let's make up and forget this fight