A new generation of fools we are

Upper teens, lower twenties

We have made suicide an art

Anything has to be better, they sing

Well the blood that spills

Will not be mine, I swear

Myself, sometimes, I wish to kill

But I've found the thing to keep me here

I don't care about my soul

I could just as easily let the devil have it

With my suicide my penance for

The sins in my life, all that shit

Holy salvation is nice, I guess

But I have no hope that it will save my ass

So I don't live with the hope

Of somehow saving my soul

I love the Lord and Jesus Christ

But for them I do not live my life

Even though I have a cross branded upon my arm

That is to keep my demons from bringing me harm

No, it's for a handful of kids

My nephews, nieces, my little brother and sis

Who I can't leave without an uncle or make older brotherless

I just can't do it to them

I would die for them

And so I live because of them

Because they love me to death