In the Dark

The darkness hit and I was left clinging onto Link for safety. My arms wrapped themselves around his neck as an anchor as the crowd around me started to move. Panic was loosed upon the club as people became frightened in the mayhem of the dark. The bulk of the dancers started to move frantically as they tried to find a way out, pushing and shoving if need be. Link's arms wrapped protectively around me as he tried to stop the crowds from jostling me around. I felt suffocated by the crowds as I was crushed into Link's body, my face barely reaching his neck.

"We should get out of here," I said, words muffled by his shirt.

"Yes, grab my hand," he whispered into my ear, the warm against my ear caused me to shake.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me along and we used our hands to guide us to the exit. He was the life raft in the middle of the ocean of people that we were trapped in, and I couldn't help but hold on for dear life. As the exit loomed closer, I could feel the cool damp air outside, an inviting chill to the heat of the club.

It was pouring, a torrential downpour of epic proportions.

Then a bolt of lightning lit up the entire sky, outlining the giant thunderclouds that billowed out over the entire city.

We were trapped.

His fingers pulled me into the darkness, leading into the wall of water. All I could do was hold my breath and hope I wouldn't drown in the flood.

The rain ran down our backs, making rivers along our limbs, and washing us clean of the sweat from the clubs. I felt like I was in a cosmic shower, washing away the turmoil that lay under the surface, the pent-up hate of clubs and jealousy that seemed to make my blood boil. It just left me tired and without hope. I stared up at the sky watching the hammering rain beat down on the side walk.

"I guess the only thing we can do is go home," I shouted, trying to cut through the roar of the rain with my voice.

He nodded, "I think I know a short cut."

He let go of my hand and I followed him down twisting neighbourhood roads with warm windows filled with the rosy glow of lights and television screens. The rain continued, slithering down our bodies and creating pools in my beautiful shoes.

"Shit, my shoes, Viv is soooooooo going to kill me for ruining her pirate boots."

"So is that what she calls them," he smiled, peering down at my shoes, stopping on the side walk, "I would classify them more as Three Musketeer's boots."

"Well each to their own I suppose," I said glumly, tired of being outside, of being wet and shaking. I could not return the witty banter, my brain had shut off and could only think of the warmth of my bed.

"You alright?

"Ya, just tired, I'm not great at staying up all hours of the night."

"Alright, well we will get you home."

With that we continued our journey in silence, trudging mightily along the dark streets.

The silence was uncomfortable and weighty, squeezing my vocal cords into trying to utter a word, any word.

But nothing came. Words seem to tumble in my mind, swimming across my brain without seeming to stand out. It was all nonsense and half phrases about the cold, my feet, and terrible other things that I could not mention. I glanced across at Link through the veil of the rain and he smiled back.

And I was lost for words, the words just stopped and my stomach twisted and I knew something was wrong and that it wasn't fair.

You are not allowed to like your best friend.


Because no matter what happens, you always lose them. You lose them through bad breakups, good breakups and awkwardness that follows, and the uncomfortable and most probable, "I only think of you as a friend".

Goodbye friendship...Hello Disaster.

Hey guys, I know it has been years since I have updated, but here is a short snippet to keep you going.