Stairway to Heaven.

The Kids Aren't (Verse One)

Where the moldy stairs twist upward

Where Led Zeppelin plays from the left

Where the wallpaper's slowly tearing

Where his coat's thrown after working

Where the money goes, to the landlord

Where the kids are not all right

Where the staircase folds toward their apartment

Where the picture frame hangs skewed

This is their place, though

This is paid for, at least for a month's rent

This photo is hers

This cat is theirs

This phone is theirs but they don't use it

This is all theirs.

They are proud.


All Right (Verse Two)

He wasn't happy

So she was friendly

So he'd be better by late morning

So she was standing still in the doorway

So he crept into the dim light

So he could inspect her smell which was

cheap shampoo that he preferred to good perfume

So he could put his hands through dark locks

So she'd kiss him, kiss him

So now he creaks to the kitchen with his hand on the frying pan

So that he grasps a hold of his feelings

So that she can understand.