Why can we not see the light

And how can we sleep in the night

When our lives are all a tragedy

And we think we've got the strategy

Love is everything we hate

Beauty we can't help but terminate

And we can't protect the things we need

Because of warnings we refuse to heed

But in the end, I think it's safe to say

That it eventually all just fades away

And the truth is

I may never know

How life ends

And where we go

And we may

Just fall apart

From this pressure

Felt from the start

Life can only last so long

But we make believe we're never wrong

And we continue to dream away

The chance we're given every day

And when we hear the piercing sound

Of cries we all just turn around

If we refute and refuse our fate

One day it will be far too late

But it's alright, my friend, yes it's okay

'Cause it eventually all just goes away

And the truth is

You may never see

How life feels

Or where death will be

And we may

Just forget we've sinned

And when the tide turns

Crumble in the wind.