I've been through a lot.
I can admit it.
I've been through a lot that shouldn't have happened to me in the first place.
Looking back on it all,
I'm not proud of most of what I've done.
Stupid, crazy shit.
Like making out in a movie theatre.
My whole life from late December to mid-March was as stupid as it gets,
as I see it.
I don't dwell on this now.
Or, rather, I try not to.
(Try being the key word.)

A friend wrote something once that I really like:
Some things are meant to be.
Some things aren't meant to be.
We just won't know until it's over.

It's over, and it's been over for almost two months.
I'm realizing how much of my life really went into this,
and how much of it really should have gone into it:

And now that I've come to this realization,
I'm falling madly in love with the next guy that I'll waste my energy on.
(And hoping he'll come to his senses and love me back.)
I can only hope.

a/n: poetry from "a friend once wrote" is Lia, talking about breaking up with Ted... interesting words, to say the least.