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"The Rising Sun" by LynnRPG225

Mom and Dad

She was sitting at the bus station when he did it. She was going to lave and he wanted to stop her. He loved her and she was leaving!

"May!" He has been frantic as he ran to her side.

"Hey, Arthur. You gonna miss me?"

"Are you never coming back?"

"I might. The thing is; I'm not a kid anymore – Swimming in a river just isn't that appealing to me anymore. I need to get a summer job. It wasn't always going to be as easy going as this."

He sat next to her on the bench. He still hadn't said it yet…


"I mean, I wouldn't just leave you, of course."


"What, Arthur?"

"Will you marry me?"


He got down on one knee, staring up at her. "Please don't leave. Marry me instead."


"I love you – I've always loved you! I'm sorry I don't have a ring just yet, but, please, stay with me."

She was silent for a minuter, staring at him.

"You love me?"

"Yes. More than…any cliché you can think of."

She laughed. "I was so glad when you came over. I really wanted you to be the last person I saw. Arthur, I can stay for a while more if you want."

"Marry me, May! I need you here with me forever."

"I can't, Arthur. I'm barely twenty-one. We can't get married."

"That's a legal age! We can get married right now! Or we can wait a few months and make a big wedding – whatever you want! You just have to stay here with me! Then, we can grow to be old nasty people together and yell at the kids on our lawn."

"Arthur," she laughed. She had started crying during his confession. :Arthur, I love you!"

He stood, embracing her. He laughed when she punched his stomach softly.

"Stop making me cry."

That's how my brother was made. Romantic, huh? And yes, that's how I mean my brother was 'made'. That very night, in the heat of newly-engaged passion, my brother was conceived. Great. Its so nice to know how your parents did it.

They married the next month and didn't even try to hide that fact that a baby was on it's way. And so, with that happy wedding night, another baby was made. Yup, twins. Its possible. Really! When a woman's pregnant in her early months, if she has sex, another baby can be formed, Look it up. So, I have a twin and he's one month and seven minutes older than me. Because of his being made before me, I lost some precious growing time. So, my brother is 'older' and the normal, healthy child. As for me… Well, I'm small, timid, and I can't exercise for the life of me. Okay, so being timid has nothing to do with being born early, but it must have affected me somehow because my brother is very social. My brother is also the perfect, semi-jock son. Together, we make a strange pair of brothers.

An upside to life is that Mom and Dad are awesome. They're only in their thirties and they're really open to things. Only Mom went to college after me and my brother were born, so you'd think I'd be close to my dad, but I'm more of a Mamma's boy. I mean, I love my dad, and Dad loves me just as much as my brother, but I automatically go to Mom every time they're in the same room.

Because Mom was at college when I was a baby, my dad decided to do something special for her to make up for her missing out every day. When I was a baby, my dad secretly trained me for Mom. On Mom's birthday, I spoke my first word – Mommy. My parents keep the romance going.

I'm pretty much done with my parents, so I'll go back to my brother. I call my brother a 'semi-jock' we're only fourteen years old (he's actually fourteen years, one month, and seven minutes old) and we've just gotten into high school. Besides, he's only now gotten onto the soccer team. Thought I was gonna say football, huh? Nope. Soccer. I talked him out of going for football.

Me and Bob (my brother) get along. Haha, no his name isn't really 'Bob'. His name is Nathan. Bob is an inside joke. Well, like I was saying, we get along very well. In fact, our family is very small for a Southern build, but we get along just fine. No, we're not rednecks, but some of m y stupid neighbors are. My mom was heading back to the city when Dad stopped her. She was born in the city, but had some family here in the country, so she came to visit every summer. I guess Dad really liked her because when she declared her last summer there, he was depressed – until the got engaged, that is.

Mom didn't want us to grow up with just the town education, so we moved to the city for a while when me and Nathan were small. Also, we go to visit our grandparents in the city every summer. So, I see no reason to call ourselves 'rednecks'. I'm not in the deep South, really…more on the border of it. I don't have an accent and neither does my mom or brother – Dad, however, is cursed with it.

Besides, its unfair to call every person living in the South a redneck. Not everyone is the stereotypical racist jerk who says 'y'all' every other word. So, don't be a jerk and think that my neighbors are crazy. I know I called my neighbors rednecks already, but I only meant one or two of them – everyone else is really nice.

When I first told people in the city that I was from the South, they sort of scoffed and put on a fake accent. I couldn't punch them myself, so Nathan did it for me. We went home from vacation early that year with Nathan crying on the way home and me not speaking to either of my parents. That was when we were little, though, and, by now, we can ignore stupid things like what those kids did. Now, at the age of fourteen, Nathan and I have our own code of conduct.

It was almost summer and Nathan was out of the house more and more because of practice. Mom and Dad were home but liked to make kissy faces at each other until I left the house so they could be alone. That's exactly what they did today, so I've now found myself wandering along one of the old roads.

Its not bad to be walking the old roads – I know a friend of mine who lives up there. Walter's been my friend since second grade – when my brother beat up his current tormentor. To thank Nathan, he had tried to be his friend but found that he had more in common with me. Nathan didn't mind giving up Walter to me as a friend.

I could see his house coming into view and I ran the last stretch to his house. Walter was sitting on the front gate.

"I was waiting for you to show up! Took you long enough."

"How could you wait for me? You didn't even know I was coming."

"Chase told me there was practice today, so I figured you might stop by."

Ah, Chase, how I despise thee. Chase is Walter's older brother. Chase is seventeen and a complete jerk. He teases me when Nathan isn't around and blames mostly anything on Walter. Walter, for some reason, thinks Chase is a great model of a brother and takes his abuse without much complaint. Nathan gets along with Chase because they're both on the soccer team – he also doesn't know about how Chase treats me. I don't want to be a brat to Nathan, though, so I just refine myself to telling him daily how much I hate Chase. I leave out the parts about why I hate him.

Walter knows I dislike his brother and is very tolerant about it. 'He's a jerk to most people,' he says. 'Its okay to not like him.' I don't tell Walter about what Chase says to me, either. Walter helps me avoid him, though. He tells me his schedule occasionally so I can find ways around him and if Chase is home when we hang out, we leave the house.

"Do you know when practice ends?" I asked, looking behind me.

"Not for another hour or so. He's not coming down the road just yet, Keane."

I looked at Walter for a second, once again overcome with worry. As he and I were getting older, he was getting to be a bit more like Chase. Damn Chase stealing away my friends…

"Come inside. We can kick each other's asses on Dynasty Warriors!"

Laughing, I followed him inside. I knew Walter let me win on purpose. I sucked at most video games, but I still liked playing them. Usually, I spent the days when Nathan wasn't busy losing at video games to him, but I was a good sport. It was only with Walter that I acted up, but it was just a joke.

We spent the next two hours playing round after round on 'Free Play' and Walter let me win five times. We only noticed the time when Chase came home. I expected him to say something bitchy, but he just jerked his head up to recognize his younger brother and then pointed to the door with his thumb.

"Nathan's waiting outside for you."

Walter and I exchanged a quick glance of astonishment at Chase's behavior before I grabbed my things and left. Nathan was leaning against the front gate in all his glory.

"How's your day been?"

"Fine. You win today?"

"Yup!" he was smiling triumphantly. It was only a practice game but he took every game personally.

I nodded, bored, and walked with him down the road. He was telling me all about the game as we made our way home. I had stopped paying attention a while ago.

"So then I said, 'If you want to sleep with my brother, you have to give me a good blow job first. I mean, I wouldn't let an amateur lay a hand on Keane!' And he wouldn't do it! I guess he's still a beginner, huh?"

"What!" I screamed, turning to him. He was grinning at me.

"Got your attention now?"

"You're a fucking retard," I growled.

"H-ey! Be nice to me! I am your big brother after all."

"Yeah, well, I hear older brothers are retarded. I'm only treating you as you should be treated."

"What's put you in a bad mood?"

"Nothing," I snapped, and he left me alone.

I didn't know what was bothering me. I think it was Chase. Why had he been so nice?



"Did you say something to Chase? He was being really nice."

"Oh…about that." He looked away and I knew he had broken our trust.

"What did you do?"

"Well, I was telling Joe about how much you don't get along with Chase and I thought it was funny because you never gave me a reason. But…Joe told me Chase had been bullying you – Why didn't you tell me, Keane? – I told Chase to back off and we argued a bit before Captain came over – Captain likes you, you know. He says you're a real good sport – Anyway, Captain got mad at Chase for bothering you and threatened to suspend him if he didn't stop causing trouble. So…I guess he's just trying really hard to be nice to ya. You know?"

When Nathan was embarrassed or knew he'd done something to get someone mad, he rambled. He also used the same phrase a lot – 'You know?' It was just how he handled things. Usually I thought it was funny and that got me over being mad at him. This time, however, I was still angry.

"Nathan! I didn't tell you for a reason! I didn't want you to interfere! I'm not a kid and I don't need some dumb "big brother" to protect me. What's worse is that you got Jake involved! This is so embarrassing!"

"I didn't do it to get you mad at me --."

"But you knew I would get mad, didn't you?"

"Yeah, but --."

"Shut up, Nathan! Leave me alone! Fucking…just…Leave dammit!"

We were already at the crossway next to a gathering of trees and he stopped in his tracks as I yelled at him. Seeing that he wouldn't leave, I turned away, making my way down the road. Nathan was behind me quickly and pushing me against a large tree.

"Don't get mad."

"Its too late for that, you idiot."

"Then…I'll make you happy again."


He cut me off with a kiss. He leaned in close and pressed his lips against mine, struggling to wiggle his tongue into my mouth. I was still too mad to let him get very far, though. He pulled back long enough to bite my lower lip fiercely, causing me to gasp. He slipped his tongue in and I fell into his advances. Slowly, he pulled away from me.

"Happy now?" He didn't have to ask. He already knew the answer.