I rolled my dreams into my
Hands drawing pictures on
My palms until they became
Smooth marble stars that
Held the ocean and it's raging
Peace fitting oh so perfectly into
The pocket of my favorite pair
Of jeans

I slipped my hand into that hole
Of denim faded blue with
Spots of accidental stains of bleach and
Rips where we fell too hard
As the hem crumbles into
Memories that I hold so dear
And the fabric rubs against my
Thighs tickling light kisses
Across my hidden skin

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever
Remove the things in my pocket
The book that's stuck in there
Yet to be published
And that maybe love does exist
But that one's cracked
Walking the world
And maybe even more
Being beautiful to someone
Sometimes I wish I were loved and adored

But I just dig into that crevice
Placed perfectly in my jeans
Massage fingers against the
Clean texture of broken hopes
Promises I never thought would
Be kept but still prayed a little
And realize they can't be removed
Just another tidbit of nothing
Sewn into my pants I'm forced
To wear for life even when they
Wear down to nothing and
Tear at the seams someone will
Always be there with some needle
And thread even when it doesn't help

So I lay down what once I suppose could
Have been some sort of pride and
Walk the path as mud falls on my
Bare skin because those dead blue
Jeans soaked into my skin and all
There is left are some star shaped
Tattoos, circles where a pocket once was