She smiles candy lips as
Razors dig into her cheeks
Digging, dipping, dripping
Out a lot more than blood

Pretty flower words so
Cheap drag slowly off his
Fingers painted in a fine
Coat of lies she just loves
To lick from his hands
Humor him, please

Blanketed in worthless
Words he killed her adoration
For those overused
Adjectives and witty
Phrases she prized herself
For coming up with how
Much sicker can she get

Bullets rushing through her
Body but she can't feel
It anymore too much pain
They say can leave you
Worse than dead as reality
Shoots right through you
Burning holes where a person
Used to be and she hates him
So much but she has to support
Him even if it kills her

She's given up on him why
Couldn't he just do the same for her