A love gone wrong

Singin' my song like there's no tomorrow,

Not able to make it come alive.

That's funny, usually it cheers me right up.

I guess that today I'm barely alive.

It wouldn't have hurt so much if there'd been

A reason for you to refuse to stay.

But I told you the truth, and yet you're aloof

Refusing to talk to me today.

What'll make you believe I'm loyal?

If I lock myself away for a couple of years,

Refusing to see anyone I could fall for?

I'd continue, if not for these tears

Barely contained behind my eyes.

I can imagine you list'ning to 'Before He Cheats'

Singing as though your heart'll fall from your chest,

Nodding your head in time with the beats.

I lay awake at night, wondering why

You had to hurt me like you did.

I loved you, more than stars above

Yet you threw me aside like a slimy old squid.

Sorry 'bout the nautical reference in the last line.

I'm surprised I can type at all

For as I press every letter

My memory burns with having to recall

All the IMs, the texts, the rings on the phone.

I really thought you cared about me.

But then spread the news, and I felt really used

Did you even ever want a 'we'?

I tried to treat you right, I tried to be good

Like any decent boyfriend or girlfriend should.

Didn't see other lovers, but was it enough?

I guess it wasn't, cause if it was you would

not have left me, to drink of my pain

Like some bitter brew you stewed up for me.

Did you think that I had no feelings, just looking to gain

From our relationship, cut short because you don't see?

Well I do have feelings, like everyone else.

I wasn't looking to exploit you or abuse your love.

Yet it seems you did the same to me.

I wish we stayed lovers, on earth and above.

Your friend's hurried whispers behind my back

Were hurtful enough to carry to my ears.

I was skeptical, sure, but I'd never infer

That you'd be so eager to confirm all my fears.

I'd just like to say thanks, thanks for changing my life

Then crushing it, ripping it to shreds.

It's a wild ride, teen love, sometimes worth the pain,

Yet I'm looking for the time when this nightmare ends…