Hey! Here's my new poem! For any of you who have felt this before, you'd probably know how hard it is to get it into words! ahahaha I was having some trouble with it, but it ended pretty good (I hope) thanks to some help from 'lisagal'! So I hope you enjoy this and please tell me what you think! Enjoy:

What do you call the feeling
When you're too scared,
To look into his eyes
And you can't explain the nerves
That has suddenly taken control?

What do you call the feeling
That always leaves you vulnerable,
When you need the courage the most,
Just by hearing his name
Or knowing that his close?

What do you call the feeling
When all you really need
Is just to see him smile
Even though you're to scared
To even make him laugh?

What do you call this feeling
When you're too confused
And you're too afraid to admit
That this feeling that you have
Might be called love.