The Curse of England

This is our sad society

Highly taxed, consumerist,

We have our phones and MP3's

Laptops, consoles and the like –

It is escapism; we cannot endure the sight

Or sound of the world around us, our monetary nation;

Product placement, high taxation.

No wonder we're highly strung – no pension for the old, and now

No housing for the young;

Though we have a property ladder, it's missing the bottom rung.

There is no fairness here, no reason to accord –

We don't punish the sinners for their sins –

We give them room and board.

Each road now festers with lines of bins –

"We'll empty them in two weeks"

The rodents grow as fat a buses

And those in charge hardly blink.

The tide is coming now; a flood of discord through a rebelling land;

But worry not; only the super-rich will drown …

… With their consciences and pockets weighing them down.