Capitalizing on Evil in the Media

Evil sells. As long as the media exists and there is a hero or heroine evil will continue to be used as a marketing tool. Something is exciting about the cold hearted nature of evil. I don't have a problem with the media capitalizing on what people want to see but I do think evil is misrepresented.

Evil is defined as not good morally or wicked. We use references such as the Greek Underworld and turn it into the equivalent of the Christian hell. Many people associate the underworld with flaming pits and Prometheus like torture. In mythology it is a place where all souls go, regardless of how godly they are. In children's stories it is acceptable, because it promotes values and morals and strengthens the plot. Now though society is becoming immune and insensitive to evil. They sugarcoat the true evils of the world and ignore them. Even as people reach a mature enough mindset to deal with such topics we still safeguard them.

We laugh at subjects that should be taken into consideration. Greed murder and lust are now just inconvenient plagues humans must deal with. We barely ever become introspective and try to change. We would rather blame others and censor these true evils from books and our minds. It is too much of a task for us to look upon ourselves and see what we lack.

(AN. I'm sure this essay has made me look like an idiot. I'm sure right now I seem like an optimistic person who can't deal with this real wasteland we are living in. I just don't think children should grow up with an image in their heads of the real world that is 100 percent false and sugar-coated.)