My fingers are treading through

Shallow lace waters a rhythm of
Matrimonial harmony everything is
Pulled together as a hand runs
Into my hair combing locks into
Spider webs and dewdrops sprinkled
Like honey sticking in my mouth

I touch everything anything just to
Know its really there and the
Chaos I'm swimming is breathable
Like dead oxygen growing gardens
Of lilies in my lungs drinking air
Has always been my problem when
I'm gasping for starlight nighttime
Angles dancing on wet pavement
Let me drown and then tell me how
Lost you think I am

Breaking musical notes into
Letters only to juxtaposition
Them into words across some
Faded page swelling as stanzas
Morph into poetic lack of talent

I dipped my pen into a teapot
Pretended words mattered and
Etched lovemenot words into my
Skin pretending caramel-colored
Nothing liquid was ink and today
Turned to forever because denial
Is my favorite place I never wished
To go to though it seems I've
Already dug into this broken grave

So I sit cross-legged funny thing
Pen behind my ear and ink
Kissing my fingertips while cargo
Pants and dying sneakers are the
Trademark of my existence pieces
Of a book sticking out of my pockets
And drawings on my hands and
Ankles marking funny little nothings
I once thought were philosophies
Grapefruit and chocolate stains with
Everytypeof tea bag surrounding
My figure gazing up into littlebig stars

But at least I feel unique, right?