This is a poem about love ( just incase you hadn't guessed from the title :), please read and review!! Hope you like it :)

Love for me is but a lonely hidden shadow

Then I see your beloved figure walk past and my love is found.

As you stop to talk I admire the way your lips form gentle words that cushion the air around me

Your head turns, our eyes meet and I find myself drowning in their depths

Your eyes are like windows to a new world, a world in which we belong together

Every time I see you, my heart beats painfully fast, my mouth goes dry and words get caught in my throat

You don't realize that with every day, every word and movement I fall deeper under your mysterious spell

You are the one I am waiting for to say those three incredible words that will make it seem as though I can fly

Love for me was but a lonely, hidden shadow

Then you came into my life and my love was found