Blank Paper

Taunts one. Can't write anything
Down; can't mar the perfection
Of something that has nothing.

Gives you a high, better than
Caffeine, the free solace of the
Dedicated insomniac.

Jumbled letters flow from illiterate
Fingers; mind on anywhere
But where they are minded.

Impersonal lines stamp deadlines on
Tired minds. Images flow-
Have yet to be captured.

Keeps a secret, hides
Barren thoughts from the world. Can't
Start again, can't forget.

Makes one, breaks
One. True source of criticism- always
Emotionless, clear.

Madness finds you, pain
Because blackening
White, too easy to ruin.

An inconvenient mirror, highlights
One's faults. Scribble more, faster-
White is never good enough.

Fill up space with
Empty words, meaning's never
Wrong enough, can't be found.

Blank pages: filled with
Love; and why was love
Always so blank?

Paint flattery on unmarked
Paper, let the censored page
Pay the price.

And why did the
Duplicated pixels lose
Last traces of emotion?

Find meaning in the
Meaningless - rape your own
Impersonal, impartial slate, for

That one becomes mine.

AN: I don't know why I wrote this. Writers block eats me. To submit for school, or not to submit? Reviews needed, flames welcomed. A blank page can mean anything …