Here's a oneshot I wrote out of bordom. hope you like. R&R

Dr. Vlad Antonov sat at the mahogany desk pouring over ancient leather bound books. He casually rotated between writing down notes and drinking his fourth cup of coffee. He leaned back and pondered for a moment before writing out a quick burst of thoughts.

A knock on the door of his office brought his head up. A tall black haired woman stood in the doorway smiling at him. "Good evening, my dear demonologist," She said in her warm Hungarian accent.

He smiled and stood to welcome. "Anca, it's good to see you again. Welcome back to Oxford."

They embraced. Vlad sat back down in his chair. Anca sat in the chair across from him. He smiled as she leaned back in the brown high backed chair, reminding him of a mob boss out of the movies, self confident and in control.

"How was your trip to Romania?" He asked handing her a steaming cup of coffee.

She smiled and sipped before saying, "As always, eye opening and awe inspiring. Have you visited the monastery at Lake Snagov? No? You should, the d├ęcor is gorgeous, but a little weathered. The interior has enough incense smoke to suffocate a cow. I was different from my other trips though."

"Tell me all about it."

She shifted uncomfortably. "If you please, I'd rather not go into that. Tell me, how is your own research? I hear it is about two courts of demons?"

He frowned at her avoiding telling him about what happened, but he wanted to talk about his research with someone who understood, so he let it slide. "I am. I've noticed in all the ancient texts they refer one of two groups the 'Hellions' and the 'Mara'."

Anca nodded. "I have heard almost every kind of demon referred to as a hellion, but isn't Mara the Hindu goddess of death?"

"Yes, but Mara are also known as a malicious German demon, the original nightmare. Also Mara is the name of a demon that tried to distract Buddha." Vlad said happily. "The Hellions, from their descriptions are what you would assume a demon to be. A scary red eyed monster from hell. The Mara look like attractive humans. The Mara are the embodiment of the dark side of humanity."

"Vlad," Anca said smiling, "you love the concept of Mara don't you? You always find a new type of demon to love and be enamored by. You always forget that they're demons, you can't love them."

"I know I'm such a freak. It's my old age. I'm obsessed with the battle between good and evil, death and life. The same will be true for you when you're old and decrepit like me."

"Not for me," Anca said quietly. "I won't be old and decrepit ever. For your information forty-five isn't all that old."

"It is when you're forty five. Growing old is a fact of life, Anca. Unless, of course, you plan on dieing when you turn forty?" He frowned and studied her. She was different, more reserved, quiet, and had an unearthly sheen around her.

Anca was silent and stirred her coffee. Finally after a few moments, Vlad asked, "Anca, tell me what's bothering you? You're different."

"I know, but you wouldn't believe me if I told you, Vlad. I know you'll keep harping at me until I speak, so don't accuse me of lying. I met someone when I was in Targoviste." She fell silent and fingered the large silver ring on her finger.

"My God, Anca, are you engaged?"

She laughed softly. "No, I'm not engaged. If I was that would have been the first thing I'd have told you."

"Then what is it? You're depressed."

"I am not depressed," Anca said sternly. Before she could say more the door opened. A tall, black haired, olive skinned, deep blue eyed man strode in. He walked to Anca, and kissed the top of her head. He whispered something in her ear before turning to Vlad.

"You must be the famous Vladimir; meu dragoste won't stop talking about you." The man said in an accent stronger than Anca's. "I am Anton."

Vlad shook his hand, but couldn't help frowning at him. There was something wrong with the man. He had a strange air of superiority around him. Anton stood beside Anca smiling amused at Vlad.

"I met Anton while digging at Targoviste," Anca explained.

"You said you weren't engaged," Vlad said accusingly.

"I'm not." Vlad raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

Anton laughed. "Meu dragoste, let's not torment the poor boy." He squeezed her arm lightly, and she stood. Vlad also stood.

Anca came around the desk and gave him a hug. She whispered in his ear, "I'll never see you again, my dear demonologist, but know that I love you."

Vlad frowned as Anton wrapped his arm around Anca. It hit him like a bag of rocks, the unnatural aura around them, and Anca's discomfort at talking about it. It all added up to one thing.

"Anca, you're not human any more are you?"

Anca blushed and looked away guiltily. Anton laughed again and turned her toward the door. They stopped at the door and looked over their shoulder at him. Anca gave him a sad smile, but Anton warned, "We Mara do like our privacy. Don't speak of this to anyone."

Vlad watched as Anton escorted Anca out of the door, staring dumbstruck after them. He couldn't believe one of his oldest friends was one of the creatures he had dedicated his life to studying. What kind of sick irony is this?