The Next Day

Sashya dragged herself out of bed at 6:00 AM. 'Not another day…' While in the privacy of her own room, she was able to be sad and dreary, but as soon as she stepped foot outside of her sanctuary, she had a bright smile on her face, ready to convince the world.

Not five minutes after getting to school, Sashya realized today would be no different then any other day. She had been soaked once again by the torrents of rain falling from the sky, and as soon as she walked into the school, was asked for help by James.

"Sashya, just who I was looking for! Want to lend a friend some of your awesome advice," he quipped cheerfully.

"Sure, what's your problem James? You get in another fight with your parents?"

"Yeah, actually I did. They said my grades aren't good enough, and I shouldn't be spending as much time playing video games. My grades are FINE! I mean, so what, I have a D in Gander's class, that woman hates me! It doesn't mean I spend too much time playing video games!"

"Well have you been doing your work for Gander's class?"

"Um… well… ah….maybe I forgot to do it a FEW times."

"James, maybe you ARE spending too much time on your video games. Now I know you don't think so, but where is your mind at from the time you get off them to the time you go to bed?"

"On the game still," James stated dejectedly.

"I think you should say you're sorry to your parents, and agree to not play the game as much. Do your homework first, and then you can play until it is time to sleep."

"Ok, I will try that, but I ain't happy about it!" James yelled this down the hall as he turned and walked away, not even bothering to thank Sashya.

The day seemed like it was an exact copy of the day before, except it was different people that came to her for advice. Just like the day before, she put on a fake smile and helped them out, never getting a thanks or a question on how she was doing after her grandfather died.

When she got home that night, none of the family was home, and after the now common soaking from the rain, she decided to log onto her computer since she had finished her homework in school.

Logging into her AIM, Sashya almost instantly got an instant message and the first true smile that had crossed her lips in over a week surfaced. The message was from Rockyboy06, Kamren. He was actually from way out in the middle of Utah, on the other side of the country, but they always talked when they were both online, and he always made her laugh when she was down. Kamren was one of the only ones that truly seemed to care how she felt about her grandfather dieing.

Rockyboy06: Hey you!

Blackabiss: Hey Kamren, how are you?

Rockyboy06: I think the question should be how are you? I'm alright though.

Blackabiss: Ehh… I guess I'm alright. …

Rockyboy06: You don't sound too positive on that!

Blackabiss: Truth be told, I ain't.

Rockyboy06: Come on, vent to Kam.

Blackabiss: No, I don't want to unload my problems onto you.

Rockyboy06: Come on, you know you want to, and it will make you feel better! J

Blackabiss: It's just that, I'm still upset over my Pap…

Rockyboy06: Understandable.

Blackabiss: And all my "friends" at school just ignore me like I'm not even there until they want help with something.

Blackabiss: They don't seem to care about any of it (about my Pap), and I won't burden my family any more with anything else. They have enough on their minds as it is.

Rockyboy06: Then they aren't your friends, they should be sticking by you the most right now.

Blackabiss: I guess…

Rockyboy06: They should, trust me! As for your family, that's what they are there for, just talk to them! They will like it better if you come to them, than if you keep it all inside.

Blackabiss: Ok, I will try it…

Rockyboy06: Good, now how are you doing with everything in general?

Blackabiss: I'm just kind of bummed I guess, I mean he was the one who taught me everything I know about vehicles.


By this time, Sashya was almost in tears. Although it was on the computer, she had never actually voiced any of her feelings to anyone; it all just stayed bottled up inside of her.

Rockyboy06: Then you will never forget him, you will have a piece of him with you always.

Rockyboy06: Just remember all of the good times that you had with him while you were building it.

Blackabiss: You know what, your right.

Rockyboy06: Of course I'm right!

Blackabiss: Ha-ha!…

Blackabiss: Thanks Kamren, just thanks, I don't know what I would do without you right now.

Rockyboy06: No problem Sashya, anytime you need to talk, you know where to find me.

Blackabiss: Yup! Well, I think I hear the parental figures getting home, so I should go.

Blackabiss: See you later.

Rockyboy06: See you later! Remember what I said!

(Blackabiss has logged off 4:37:56)

As Sashya closed her computer, she looked up and out the window; what she saw made her blink twice. The rain had stopped, and the sun was just peaking out from behind a dissipating storm cloud. Smiling, she set her laptop on the table and went to meet her parents.

A/N: Well thats all of it folks! I hope you enjoyed it! And as promised I will clear a few things up now!

This story, as I said was written because I HAD to for English, but it really ment something for me. It is basically true life, although I have changed a few things.

It was my Uncle that died, and he was the one that taught me to do everything on vehicles. Although he didnt get a chance to help me with my truck, we did work on many other project trucks and motorcycles. And I did exagerate on the friends a little, although they do come to see me most of the time when they need something sorted out. (I love them anyways though)... And last but not least, I do have a buddy from Utah that helped me out after my Uncle died, he just sat and talked to me for I think a couple of hours!

Oh well, like I said, I hope you all enjoyed it, leave me a review to let me know what you think, constructive critisism welcomed!!!