This is a poem about two people who know they are supposed to be together and want to be together, but everyone says they aren't good for each other. However one of them ( it could be the boy or girl) is troubled by the comments they get on their relationship while the other knows they can hold on as long as they can rely on the other's heart. Enjoy:) Please read and review:)

We Were Meant To Be

People said you were not for me,

And they said I was not meant for you,

Yet here we are holding strong and true.

But even though you said that word to me,

The one that starts with 'l' and ends with 'e'

I still cringe when that glint steals your eye,

And you shy from the remarks of passer-bys.

You try not to let your discomfort show,

But I know you think that you're my foe.

Then you turn around and say good-bye,

And leave me all alone wondering, why?

But you need to know that I will always be at your side,

No matter how harsh comments get, I will never hide.

For with all my heart I will always be here,

During everyday every day, throughout every year.

And though people said I wasn't for you

And they said you weren't for me,

Can't they see we were meant to be?