You hear some things about rain,

The way it moves,

The way it works and produced.

It supplies life nourishment,

It lights up my world,

It tells my feelings, all dressed up in a watery package and sent.

After the rain, the sky sometimes gets happy and makes a rainbow,

Sometimes I just want to pop it like an air balloon,

And let it deflate really slow.

The raindrops make condensation on my bedroom window,

I feel with the window, suffocating, breathing for air.

I wish that I could be somewhere else, anywhere.

I somehow love the raindrops falling on my head,

I dance and sing around in them, their wonderful glory,

I believe each one of them has a story.

I have always wondered how it would feel like,

To be kissed in the rain,

Thinking about experiencing it sometimes just drives me insane.

I think that I resemble a raindrop,

When it rains, I cry

When it's over I sigh.

I believe that rain is God's gift to me,

To make me see,

Me for who I really am.

So I leave you this,

Remember when it rains.