Your pain is my sin
Who told you, you were free?
Oh no this spell has you bound to me
Even as you stand there, holding her close
You yearn, desire, to be with me
I'm the one you should be holding
Not her, goodness no

Come to me,
We'll dance in the streets
Make a scene
The cameras are ready, come on
1, 2, 3
Hold me
Kiss me in the rain
Hold me as if I'm the most beautiful
Girl you've never seen
Death is dark, but it also holds beauty

Why do you smile when I speak the truth?
Death is dark, but it also holds beauty
It'll be painless
Just hold me as if you were dying
Curse you for loving her
When I am the one that loves you
Ignore me all you want, I'll give you
Immorality if you love me
Anything, anything…

This enchantment reveals
That death is dark, but it also
Holds beauty
You should've listened to me
When I said you were bound to me
Your pain is my sin
And as I stand over you with this
Knife in my hand, you see it
You see death in my eyes
And oh, how beautiful it is

Cheesy. Random. Dark. And pathetic Please tell me what you think!

Mucho love,