The Ebony Star

I am that which goes unseen,

I am felt, but have no image,

I have no form that you can see me by; I am not some figure

Tall and proud and mighty that you can bow to,

Rather, I dwell within.

I am the scent of a flower on the breeze, the song

Of a bird, the touch of the sun.

I am the extra beat of the heart when love draws near,

I am a cry of laughter; I am a bitter tear,

I am the hurricane; I am the lightest breeze,

I am each blade of grass, I am the trees.

I am all things, I am nothing, as untouchable as air;

I am Spirit, and you must trust that I am there,

Unseen, but ever present –

Like an ebony star in the vaults of the heavens,

Invisible; the light that dwells within.