God and Goddess

Hear the gale in the valley,

Hear the roar of the skies,

Hear the voice of the Lady,

Hear how strongly She cries!

Her breath is the song of the forest,

Each sigh stirs a dance from the leaves,

And Her voice is heard by the Horned One –

Green Man and Lord of the Trees!

His is the knowledge of Hazel,

Whose seed spreads wisdom around

And his is the almighty Oak tree

Where the Mistletoe may be found.

And His are the leaves that are dancing

On Samhain and Candlemas nights,

Bright with festive enchantment,

Expressing Nature's delight.

How well He is matched to the Goddess,

How well Their blessings elide,

How great the love They inspire

In Wiccan and Pagan pride!