A Thank-you for the Mother

Spinner, Weaver, Blade-Weilder,

Artemis, Gaia and Hecate,

Design my life and weave my world,

Assign my fate to me.

I'm assured of Your protection;

I may take that for granted,

But I'm grateful for Your direction

In this world that You enchanted.

Maiden full of promise

And patient Mother too

Combining with the Wizened Crone

Form the whole of You.

Though my life's full of departures,

You've been there from the start;

The Great Eternal Goddess –

Forever in my heart.

I'm grateful for all You've given

And all You've yet to give,

But most of all, Great Mother,

I'm grateful that I live!

So this is my thanksgiving,

My gratitude to you.

Gentle Mother, Blessed Be

And, eternally, thank you.