Escape to Gomorrah

Here is a Sci/Fi Horror Story. A family from Earth, Immigrates to "A Planet of headhunters, cannibals, ritual warfare, and human sacrifices", where they are required to take part.

This story contains graphic violence, reference to sexual activities and some bad language.

Escape to Gomorrah

By MrBillyD


The island City of Manhattan was a single building, 12 miles long, 3 miles wide and 2,000 levels high. A ration of three nutrition cakes a day was allocated for each citizen, but there was never enough for everyone. Famine, starvation and disease were perpetual threats.

The bony, hollow cheeked, 16 year old Karen Krendell carried her books home from school, along the cold, crowded, dimly lit corridor avenues. All the stores were packed with gaunt, sickly people, waiting impatiently on line for hours.

Karen was gaunt and hungry as always, but she wasn't starving like she'd been when here father was unemployed. That was when she and both her sisters had been wasting away. Both her sisters had died from starvation.

As she moved along the crowded, freezing corridor near her home, she heard machine gun fire, along with the screams of women and children. A Civil Disturbance Police Unit was suppressing a routine food riot, outside her neighborhood Nutrition Center, in their routine manner. She wondered if her mother was among the dying.

A man stood on a flag draped podium to her right, haranguing the passing crowd.

"Those machine guns are too ineffective!" he shouted. "We of the Annihilation Party, and our Presidential Candidate, Senator C. Harrison Randolph, know what harsh measures must be taken, to end the perpetual crisis of overpopulation! The answer is clear, simple, and everybody knows what it is!"

"Blow up this monstrous City, with everybody in it!"

The crowd cheered.

"Blow up every city on Earth! Kill as many people as possible, so the few who survive can start again from scratch!"

The crowd cheered again.

Karen continued on her way, hearing the crowd chant.

"Blow them up! Blow them up! Blow them up!"

That evening, Karen sat with her sickly parents, shivering at the table, under a flickering light, in their family cubicle on Level 987.

They said grace, thanking the Lord for the dinner of nutrition cakes, cooked into a flavored broth.

Then her father David Krendell said, "We won't have to be eating this crap for dinner much longer."

Karen asked, "Are you planning mass suicide Dad?"

That wasn't a joke. Family suicide was commonplace.

"We'll be going where we can eat natural food for the rest of our lives. We'll eat fresh meat and fresh vegetables. We'll live under a warm sun and blue sky. You'll have a room of your own."

His daughter was horrified. "You are planning to kill us! That's the same thing that those people who want to blow up this City keep saying. They say that we'll have all those things in Heaven. Can't you let us wait for that?"

"No. We're not waiting patiently to be annihilated, and none of us will be going to Heaven, until after we've died in bed from old age. Until then, we'll be living on the Planet Mundomaya."

His blonde, 38 year old wife Amanda and yellow haired daughter both stopped eating.

Karen's mother said, "Are you serious?"

"Today I was informed, that I have won a lottery. The prize is relocation for all of us, on the Planet Mundomaya. We're already booked to be on a flight that leaves next month, on the 14th."

"Mundomaya?" Amanda repeated. "The planet of headhunters, cannibals, ritual warfare and human sacrifices?"

Dave said, "A planet where everyone eats well."

"Yeah. Each other."

"So do we sometimes Mom." said Karen. "The ingredients are printed right on the packaging, and none of us have gone crazy."

Her father said, "On Mundomaya that will never be necessary. There they have fresh meat and fresh vegetables. They have beef, pork, seafood, and chicken and turkey, and native Mundomayan food. We can have our next Thanksgiving dinner without guilt."

Amanda said, "They worship idols with human sacrifices, and we'd be compelled to take part."

"I'm sure that those stories are exaggerated. Even if they're not, I'm sure that the Lord will protect us."

"Dave, you're not sure." said his wife. "That's probably the same thing that Lot said, before he went to live among the people of Sodom and Gomorrah; and the Lord destroyed both cities with fire and brimstone."

"But not before Lot heeded the Lord's warning and escaped. That's the same thing we're going to be doing, before Senator Randolph destroys this City, with fire and brimstone, of his own."

She asked, "Do you remember what happened to Lot after he fled the destruction?"

"His wife looked back and became a pillar of salt."

"And after that, both his daughters got him drunk and fucked him, and they each had a child by him."

Karen said, "We're not gonna turn into perverts Mom. When I do start fucking, there won't be any kinks in my screws."

"But how do you think you're gonna look, walking around wearing only a skirt, while carrying a spear, with your naked boobs hanging out and a couple of shrunken heads on your belt?"

Dave said, "She'll look like she's been eating right."

"She'll look like Lot's daughter."

Karen smiled. "I think I'll look cute."

"Just how cute do you think your own head's gonna look, after it's been shrunk to the size of a cue ball, and dangling on some naked warrior's belt?"

"Oh Mom!" Karen laughed. "That sounds so kinky!"

"That'll be after the rest of you has been carved up and tossed on a grill for a neighborhood barbecue."

"That sounds even kinkier!"

"That sounds like what happened to Lot's daughter."

Karen said, "They're not doing anything on Mundomaya, that isn't happening right here on Earth."

"Karen's right," Dave said, "so stop comparing me to Lot. Mundomaya is not Sodom and Gomorrah. Manhattan is. Mundomaya will be our Promised Land.

"The Bible does say 'Behold, I set before you this day, life or death, blessing or curse. Therefore choose life, so that you and you children may live, and possess the land, that the Lord your God has given you.'

"Now we can either have a long healthy life on Mundomaya, or we can wait here to be annihilated, along with everyone who stays in this City."

Karen said, "I wouldn't want to be among the few severely wounded survivors, who'll have to start again from scratch, and they won't have any medical care."

"Don't worry," said her mother. "Neither would I."