- 5 Steps To Writing An Deceivingly Good Article -

- By Papaya Mafia -

Before I start, you must know that this is strictly from an amateur's point of view. I am not in college, although I do take a college level writing class. Therefore, I lack the necessary knowledge to TRULY know what it really takes to write a good article. But I must tell you, that I read more than a dozen magazines a week. I don't buy more than a dozen, I just read them. I do not read them because I adore the life of celebrities or the high fashion of Paris. I read them because I love the simplicity of couture that they show, the unique lives of undiscovered talents, the photo's of shoe laces and punk love, and the articles that are written so thoughtfully. I love to read these articles. They range from absolutely cheesy to despairingly lovely. But I love them all and from what I have found in these articles - nearly all - are 5 interesting keys to writing a good one. I myself have written a magazine, yearbook, newspaper article before, but my talent lacks. It is my goal to eventually take over for one of these lovely journalists, but until then . . .

Also, it is a well known fact that if you are an aspiring writer it is good notice to put your works on the internet. There are many, many places you can do this without paying a penny etc.). But this can also be disastrous if you are looking for someone to notice you and you're article is quite in shambles. Perhaps I can help.