Well, I hope that these 5 steps have enabled you to be that much closer to writing a good article . . . even if it's only a little bit. If anything, I learned more myself! Who would have thought? Just remember to have fun, follow the steps, and tie in your unique style of writing in the process.

Here are an extra few basic minor tips to writing a good article:

1. Spell Check

2. Have someone edit your article

3. Appeal to all 5 senses of the reader

4. Make sure your article flows with good transitions

5. Remember that you can still be unique and interesting without sounding like your sauced. I've read too many articles that make the author sound like they are on drugs and just had a drinking binge. Yikes!

6. Don't leave your reader saying, "Huh?" Leave your reader saying, "Nice!" or "I never knew that!"