some phenomenon.

hello world,

i'd like to introduce myself. i am no one you know, but i am sure i'd love to meet you.
i move from place to place.
in everywhere, i go through the phone book and send letters to everyone.
then i'll pack up my bags and leave; this is all i need.

my purpose should be and is only to make you feel better
to be the one person who can do what they said they would do.
i don't want to go through the process. it's a bad cycle. framing purposes are bad cycles.
i don't want to help you with some life-changing decision. i don't want to make my life harder or cheapen your moment.

& i'm sorry i won't be there for your births, deaths, and bookmarked memories.
i can only promise to give you a soul written down in soft graphite lead.

i will live like a silhouette and leave once the sun hangs high above your head.
and when i do, i hope that you'll read what i've said.