This is a poem about death since my uncle died a few weeks ago. I tried to express my sorrow through this poem, just to release some of the pain. :'( I hope you like it.

An Unwanted Friend

It's back again;

That unwanted friend.

Beneath you hand, there flesh turns cold;

A realization of life your heart never told

It chokes your mangled heart

'Till it takes part,

To escort your loved one to the sky.

It leaves you alone asking,


They speak solemn words that don't mean much

Because you know never again will you feel their touch

As your eyes brim with salty tears

It taunts you viciously with your fears.

All your life it fiercely stalks you,

'Til your days become numbered and few

It's a fact of life no one bothered to tell,

As they walk past you and wish you well

Whether it be in form or family, friend, or pet,

It's cold and cruel

And it is Death.