Young & Slaved

With the
With your
All the while
You've got
Zingy normality
Preaching your teachings
Nothing in the way
As you fill yourself up
With all things gourmet
Abstaining from terror
For you're a knocker
You feel her – up
Then you knock her – up
Tippin' the glass for a sip
Fall to the ground
Too drunk to stand, not to astound
Maybe we can go for a drive
(the next morning)
See if we survive
As we look pretty
Starving, so hungry
Killing ourselves from the insides
(anyway we can)
We lost long ago all our prides
When it just ain't good
We can lean against the rosewood
But you might not be impressed
With our songfest
All dark and dreary
Big screen eyes
Tiny held hearts
Baby – now it's growing inside
All we're doing
Is tryin' to swim against the tide

Author's Note: I was thinking of adding "And all we are/is Young & Slaved" to the end... but that's just to make it fit with the title more, but if you can suggest a better title, I would really appreciate it! Thanks for reading! Peace & Love,