We never really had a chance to be shy
Just a few smiles exchanged sometimes
It was a glare because I really didn't like
You at all you know you seemed too
Good to be true proved myself right

Then you took my hand a few too
Many times like it belonged to you but
Even when I got so angry at your seemingly
Perfection there was a fire inside me
Ignited by your smile that whispered
In my soul you really like him, don't you?

Things happened too fast and everything
Ended so soon I know that's not how it
Always is because once I read a book and
It said love wasn't made of lies but really
I knew that already even when I tasted
Blasphemy on your kisses tastes like burnt dreams

Fingers intertwined and freedom licking
At us because you would never see me
Again and nothing really mattered it was
All ok because you know how to play the game

You are just so smart aren't you?

More things stretch between us than miles and
As you go dancing gracefully I'm sure across
A floor I'll never touch my life seems so much
Better than yours because I don't have to
Pretend all the time I don't have to hurt others
To make sure I'm all right because I already know
I'm so far the opposite that construction and
Destruction of other people's lives won't build
Me a new soul didn't really want one anyway

My journal is getting too much ink as
I run my hands into my hair an unattractive
Pattern forming where the fingers pulled
But it's ok because I know I don't have to lie
To you like you lie to me manipulating
Everything it's just that I accept it when I
Fail and not being in control but even
Though you haven't set fire to my house
Yet I know you still don't know how
To deal with life without burning down
What defines your vice