I am an artist, not a very good one, all my pictures look like cartoons.
I am a poet, I don't write anything worth listening to.
I try very hard, but I don't get anywhere.
I love to drum, I am not very impressive at it.
I am a man, but not a very masculine one.
I have no power to hurt others, and no balls to hurt myself.
I'd love to be myself, but my friends and family don't want me to be.
I work, but I never get anything done.
I speak often, but no one ever listens, nor do I have anything worth saying.
I look good, but never get any action.
I have a dick, but it isn't a very big one.
I do many things, but am recognized for none of them
I act, but have no audience.
I am an ant, meant to be born, go to Sunday school, go to school, get a white collar job, become a nobody, waste my life on media overload, delude myself into love, fuck, have children, eat, sleep, pay taxes to Uncle Scam, disappoint many people over and over, then die, then nothing, I am nothing, I never was anything, and any delusions I may have fooled myself into thinking are shit.