I'm looking at our argument,

Those vicious, malicious, surreptitious

Rumors, secrets spread by anger and

Betrayal. You backstabber.

Traitorous, murderous, monotonous,

Same old repetition of

Broken heart beating.

This swirling of emotion sends me

Flying into the atmosphere

With red and green and hatred black

All stealing away my vision

With their envy so mundane.

Horrible feelings undeserved

By little girls with hearts

Made from the most fragile glass imagined

By manipulative beings with

Eyes as hard as stone.

The death of happiness is expected

To come about soon enough, and

Leave us standing in the wake

Of the memories we try so hard to forget

In order to move on in our

Pathetic, meaningless lives.

Bury what we once were

As deep into the dying earth

As possible, because

This argument is the end.