Cleanse My Heart


Lord, cleanse my heart

Make clean within

Clothed in purity

No more in sin

Fill my heart

With you alone

No worldly gain

To call my own

All I do

All to be done

To you I give

Not another one

Never let me forget

What love you have

And why you sent

Your Holy Lamb

For him to pay

A cost so dear

The only way

To draw me near

But why You love

A wretch like me

Is truly

The greatest mystery

Without you Lord

And grace so free

I'd be in sin

All eternity

So Lord I ask

To make me clean

And please give me

The whitest purity

Unworthy am I

Of anything

Yet forgiveness you give


So, Let all I do

And all I say

All I think

Give you praise

O Lord, God my King