Oh the agony

This stupid run-of-the-mill

Fantasy of my reality

No, I refuse to let it consume me.


Oh the headaches

All this caused by you

By your flawed perfections

This confusion consumes me.


Oh the pain

I reach for a paper…

But instead receive more and more.

More pain, more you.


Oh the laughter

Your sad, pathetic, insane cackle

The evil giggle that sends others running

But not I, never will I run from you.


Oh the anger

It bubbles and boils in my every square meter

Waiting, piling in my center

Hoping to crush your smile one day.


Oh the ending

Never counting on it to be happy

But happiness will come with your end

Regardless whether or not I die too.


Oh the lie

You shot the bullet (admit it)

And my heart still bleeds.

Don't you dare pretend you can ever forget me.