Someday I wish you would let me
Grow sticky-note wings so I can
Be heartless and fly away from you
Because I can't take much more

But you have me chained to a
Gravestone that reads a lot like
Poetry words slipping of my tongue
As if they were accidentally put there
By angels who don't know how
To sing because their wings are
Really black velvet hidden while we
Stare into the night sky and
The stars are really their eyes shining
On us gazing into our souls like
We should have known it was wrong

Huddled in the corner with drawings
Crawling up my arms like a
Plague you drew onto my soul I
Never wanted to love you like I do
But no is never good enough for the
Boy who doesn't want to be perfect
Even though he plays at it so
Well you have everyone fooled

I keep writing second-rate words on
Lined paper like my words might
Mean something to someone when I
Really could care less what they
Tell me all I want is to know what you
Really are thinking because I know
You lie like breathing air it's more than
Habit but it is killing me I can't stand
Screaming my dreams and questions
In forms of poetic musings of the untalented
But you can't hear what I don't give

She told me to humor you because you
Are at least trying but that is the whole
Problem with this situation

When you quit I pushed myself into your life
And when I gave up you decided I mattered

Make up your mind before you murder what never was alive