You're Not My Boyfriend!

First story on FictionPress, first story ever really. It has not been edited by anyone, other than myself, so mistakes are probably rampant. This story is dialogue heavy and probably pretty crappy too, but with constructive criticism I can hopefully improve. Or not.

Summary: There's an idiot at school who insists on telling people that I'm his boyfriend. Despite my best efforts, some sad, sewerbrains still believe I am his boyfriend. I may be losing the battle, but I will win the war. Male-male relationship.

I was innocently minding my own business walking to the school library when I was attacked for the second time that day. An arm grabbed me around my waist and then the onslaught began, "Hey sugarpuss, let's blow this popsicle stand and go make out in my car."

I angrily turned towards my attacker while also trying to disengage myself, "For the thousandth time - I am not gay!" I had managed to get his arm off me by the end of my outburst and turned to continue on to the library when he ran to catch up to me.

"Really?!" he asked incredulously as though we didn't have this conversation all the time. I paid no attention to him.

"Hmmmm," he continued, ignoring my refusal to answer, "bisexual then? It's not my cup of tea, but whatever floats your boat Babe - as long as you don't cheat on me, of course."

That finally forced a response out of me, "Cheat on you?! We're not even dating!" I yelled angrily at him.

Calm as ever he replied, "Of course we're not 'dating' silly, we're 'schooling''cause we're in school now. " He even had the nerve to smile cheekily while making air quotes with his fingers. "Huh," he snorted while he rolled his eyes, "and I'm the dumb one!"

I had had enough of his crap, I had to get to the library to study for my Chem. exam and he was taking up valuable review time. "You know what I meant asshole, now get out of my way I have to study for a test!" I shoved him out of my way and stomped on towards the library.

Just when I thought I had gotten rid of him he yelled after me, "I don't care what anyone says, I love your little petname for me." My only reply was to lift my right arm over my head and extend my middle finger. With his laughter ringing in my ears, I finally entered the library.

I tried to calm myself down while I walked towards the tables in the back of the library. I told myself he wasn't worth stressing over and wasting even more studying time on. With that thought firmly in mind I found a table, spread my notes out and began to pore over them making sure I really had memorized everything already. After about ten minutes I was satisfied that I was ready for the test and my mind began to wander.

Since I had just had another encounter with him, unfortunately my mind wandered back to my nemesis, a.k.a. my stalker, a.k.a. Chris Bridges. We are both juniors and have been attending Eagle High since freshman year, but he never noticed me until this school year. I, of course, knew him.

He's kind of hard to miss. He's tall, a little taller than me, at least six foot and skinny. He has longish hair that he spikes into a mohawk or just random spikes or other weird shit like a french braid. He dyes it all the time. Somehow he found out that my favorite color is green, I suspect my less-than-loyal friend, Anne, told him. So for about a week his hair has been green. His right eyebrow is pierced, I think he mistakenly believes it looks sexy when he quirks it at me - what a loser. He has a longish face with prominent cheekbones. I may not like him, but I can admit he has nice cheekbones.

It's not only his physical appearance that makes him stand out he is also, as perhaps you noted, very loud. Some confused souls think he is "funny" and encourage him to do stupid shit. The result of which is invariably detention, but whatever, the less time he has to harass me the better.

Finally, and for those of you paying attention this won't be a shocker, he is openly gay. Luckily, our school is pretty accepting and has a good-sized queer population. Unluckily for me, ever since my stalker, I try to use his actual name as little as possible for fear it will summon him, started harassing me people think we're dating.

A lot of people even assume we are dating just because he's always around me and tells people we are. I've lost track of how many times people have referred to the evil one as my boyfriend. UGH! It sickens me. Some people are even surprised when I tell them, ok sometimes I yell, "He is not my boyfriend!"

Anyway, you may be wondering, "How did this happen?" Trust me, I ask myself that at least once a day. Well, it all started last year when my Algebra II teacher, Mrs. Wyatt, asked if I would like to be a teacher's assistant for Algebra II in the fall. Since I love math and I would get community service time and it would look great on my transcript, I heartily agreed. More fool me since Mr. Octopus is in the math class that I help Mrs. Wyatt with.

The first day of school, even the first week went by and nothing unusual happened. By the second week I noticed he-who-shall-not-be-named seemed to need my help a lot more than Mrs. Wyatt's and outside of class he suddenly seemed to always be around. At first I thought he just felt more comfortable asking another student for help and that our classes must be near each other this semester, but by the end of the month he got bolder. He followed me around outside of class, tried to touch me all the time, made ridiculous suggestions and sexual innuendos. Finally, I caught on, I may not be the most observant person, but eventually even I could see he was hitting on me. He had long passed subtle and was well into harassment territory.