There's such a place as the land of bliss

Where gullible grass greedily grows

This forest, a temporary peace

Filled with doves singing sappy sweet songs

Strengthens with every united piece

The dreams, the caressing warmth of light

Where silent shimmers saturate sheer sky

Novel streams, flowing from clear waters

Tagged by compressed colored clich├ęd cords

Reflecting rivers like shy daughters

The truth that protects belief and lies

Where excess egos ever exit

Time sunders, engulfing calms of sea

Crowds of crazed corrupted criminals

Dawn bastions of extreme fallacy

Creating chaos from anarchy

Adorned with polluting prized pleasures

Endless rape, spreading like a disease

Where hidden hell hinders happiness

The nights, the smothering pains that tease

A place where I do not wish to be

Is the massive molding murky moon

A desert, this continuity

Where days drag dangerously dormant

Such a realm is this reality