now don't you wanna see my girl?

she makes you smile
and gives you butterflies
this girl could make the pope lust after her
she's just that amazing

promise you will go, down my neckā€¦

she the biggest tease i've ever seen!
we'll just have to wait and see how things go then
won't we?

and all i asked for was a little kiss

she get me hot, she get me hot, she get me hot

she's what keeps me waking up in the moring
going to class
putting on make up
and smiling through the day

so this i swear i know, it's not the chemicals

she smokes for pleasure, eases stress
but i don't need a cigarette or any drug
to keep me lucid
so long as i think of her, i'm good

got my mouth watering, got my mouth watering for her

she looks amazing, even if she's sick
i have the pictures to prove it
and she thinks i'm amazing
no matter what i do

oh we've been so lucky

(i'm so lucky to have you)

AN: The first, third, and fifth italics sentences are from "Mouth Watering" by Idiotchild

The second, fourth, and sixth are from "December" by Lydia.